Ron McGill sent me wonderful new photos of Hope & Lovey and I wanted to share them with you all!

If you don't remember the girls, Kim Konradi pulled them  from a kill shelter in Texas in 2009 along with one of their pups Faith. All were in terrible condition, starving, parasite infested & suffering from extreme neglect. Hope was heart worm positive. Kim did an amazing job with all three girls. Faith was adopted by a wonderful couple in New Jersey and Hope & Lovey were adopted together by the McGills who saw Hope through her heart worm treatment.

All three girls have undergone complete transformations and are happy and healthy and living incredible lives with some pretty amazing families.

Below are a few pics of the girls when they first arrived in the DRC program. The new 2011 pics are follow.

Thank you for sharing these pics with us Ron. And thank you for being part of our DRC family!









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Well, if those photos don't bring tears to your eyes, nothing will! It's hard to believe these are the same dogs, living the good life after the start they had. Thanks so much to Kim for saving them, and to the McGills for giving them the kind of life every dog deserves!

Hope and Lovey look like they are enjoying their yard... what beautiful girls!!!

Gorgeous! True testament to what love & care can do!
OMG! I remember that mange infested puppy..... She was un a such terribel condition.... Thank you for saving these puppies and giving them "Hope, Love and Faith".....
What a testimony to the power of Hope and Love....with a y!  Thank you for looking past their circumstances and seeing the possibility!
Wow! True success stories.  When you see them now, you can't imagine that they were ever any other way.
Those are true Happy Tails!  Thank you to everyone involved in giving these girls a wonderful new life - looks like they are living the high life now and have forgotten their terrible beginnings.
What a joy to see them today, and what a long way they have come!  THANK YOU DRC and all involved for making these miracles happen.  I wish we could save more! 

Thanks for sharing.  Perfect example of what RESCUE is all about!

thanks so much for updating us. It is wonderful to hear/see the "rest of the story".  Thanks for loving them and providing a wonderful home. This is why I do fostering!!!


stunning coats.  So happy they got to stay together.  Thanks to all involved.



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