Casey and Caleb came to us on Saturday June 18 from Kent County SPCA in DE. Charlotte and her husband ( currently fostering Tanner in DE) helped us with the Doodle train from Dover DE to Annapolis MD to meet us with the two dogs.

I was heartsick the minute I saw them. They had clearly been starved and were found wandering on the streets. They were covered with fleas and had been partially shaved down. (The SPCA shaved 6 lbs off of Casey and 3 lbs of mats off of Caleb!).  Their breath was atrocious and they were sick with fevers. I am so glad that the SPCA called us and we were able to rescue them.

They were a sack of bones! I have never seen dogs so skinny! They looked like they came from a concentration camp. We gave them Capstar and gave each 3 shampoo baths to kill the fleas and get them clean. Then the hard work began. We had to pick off all the fleas, continue to shave them down and cut their nails. Casey's (white) nails were so overgrown that she couldn't walk - the nail pulled her toe out to the side. Caleb had mats grown in so deep you couldn't see his nails. They were clearly in respiratory distress and we prayed they would make it through the night. My daughter slept on the floor beside them that night so that she could watch them. This is the SPCA pictures of them with overgrown hair and mats.

We went to the vet on Monday morning and I was shocked when he told me their weight. Caleb (the black one) weighed in at 55 lbs and Casey at 45! I would have guessed maybe 35 lbs!  Look at their boney bodies. This is Saturday night when we washed them for the first time.

They are not neutered, so we have to get their weight up and the  infections over before we can get their surgeries. It appears they are a "couple" possibly from a backyard breeder. Casey has had at least one litter. The vet estimates their ages at under 3 for Casey and under 5 for Caleb.They have been on antibiotics for almost 10 days and the change in them is dramatic!

This is Casey and Caleb after 24 hours

At some point they lived in a home- they are house broken and know basic commands. But their first love is to fetch tennis balls! They will constantly fetch and drop the ball at your feet for you to throw for them. They are so sweet and loving. They are not afraid of other dogs, or children and are beginning to doodle play with my Bailey and Bella.  We will have them for at least a month before they are ready to go to a forever home.  They are perfect dogs for a family with small children or elderly grandparents in the home. Keep watching as their hair grows out and they come alive!

Here they are today 10 days since rescue. A couple of cuties!


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Oh my doodle! I can't believe those are the same doodles!!!!! Dianne, you and your girls are miracle workers!!!


Thank you for taking such good care of them and changing their life around.  Bumbles would love to meet up with his new foster doodle cousins!

I agree Diane you and your girls are miracle workers...those poor sweet babies!  They look very happy and content now!  Thank you so much for taking them in and loving them!

How precious the pictures!  Aren't they something???


The difference of a few days and tons of love surely shows on their faces. How amazing are you and your daughter!?!?
Did you put some kind of miracle grow on their hair?  It looks like it is growing out already!  Thank you for taking such good care of these two - I'm sure it was a busy few days trying to get them cleaned up and starting to feel better.

OMG!  What a difference a day makes!!!  A mix of love, suds, and hugs have made them shine!!!  I am sure they thank you from the bottom of their doodle-hearts!


Oh, those sweet doodle faces!  They look so much better already.
Wow! They really are fortunate to be rescued in time. Any longer & they may not have made it! Thanks for bringing life back into them. What a great gift to give! I'm sure they sense the love they now receive.
Oh MY WORD...Diane these doodles are so lucky to have you and your girls transforming them!

Casey and Caleb sure needed you and your daughter.  Thanks for taking care of them.

What amazing changes - and all for the good.  Thank you for rescuing these two. What lovely doodle smiles they have - who could resist either one.


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