Saturday was a blessed day and a sad day for us.

The blessing was Chuck and Vickie- wonderful adoptive parents who drove over 7 hours from NY to VA to pick up Casey and Caleb. They are going to be wonderful parents to our beloved Casey and Caleb. They are experienced dog owners, have had rescues before and have a wonderful fenced yard with a pool for the pair to romp and play!

 The sadness was letting  Casey and Caleb go!  This was the most emotional adoption we have had, because we had Casey and Caleb over over 6 weeks and they captured our hearts. We nursed them back to health, and were able to see their wonderful gentle personalities come out to play!  They fit right into our pack and Bailey and Bella loved them from the moment they came to our home. Caleb has come so far, he is the sweetest most loving doodle and Casey is a sweetheart who loves to be in your lap.

 Here is the final picture of the pack together

Their final picture is a gem- Casey and Caleb jumped right in Chuck and Vickies car and were ready to go for their new adventure.

Goodbye Casey and Caleb, May you have lots of romps, swimming, loving, treats and attention!  May you have a loving, fun life in NY! You will be missed and in our hearts forever!

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I'm so happy for C & C and their adoptive parents. The expressions on all four faces say it all! 

Diane, thank you so much for caring for these two beautiful doodles and finding them such a great home! I know your sadness at their leaving is tempered with joy.

Chills! The before and after pictures are just incredible!! Diane, you and your girls have done it again! Bless all of your for opening your home and hearts and helped these 2 fantastic doodles find their way to Vickie and Chuck!

I hope that they will come to a doodle romp so I can meet the 4 of them.

Congratulations to Vickie and Chuck!!

You have done wonders with them.  Give yourself a huge hug.  Congrats to Casey and Caleb.
Wonderful, wonderrful ending!  You did such a great job fostering these darlings and they have now joined a great home!  Good lock Casey & Caleb and Chuck & Vickie!  Enjoy your new lives!
Congratulations for being such great foster parents.  We know the feeling when our loved fosters go to their forever homes. We wish we could keep all of them but, then there would not be room in our home for other fosters.  We just give our fosters all the love we can and then give them our loving wishes for happiness in their furever homes.  What is wonderful is when we occasionally meet our fosters again and see how happy they are with their new families but, also see that they fondly remember us!
What great pictures and a happy ending, or should I say beginning!  Thank you for taking such wonderful care of these beauties.  Congratulations to Chuck and Vickie!
Casey and Caleb looked very happy with their new family - you did a wonderful job getting them to this point.  Thank you for all you did for them and every foster you've come in contact with.
This is so wonderul - they look happy!!!!  Great job Diane.  You rock.
Chuck and I want to personally thank Diane for the great work she did with Casey & Caleb.  We brought them to the vet yesterday and he was really impressed with the dogs temperment.  He also said that he could see in their eyes, the calmness and loveliness coming from them.  Those features could not have come without the tremendous amount of love and affection Diane and her family gave to those two animals.  We can never ever thank them enough for what they did for our new family members.  My arm and Chuck's arm are already tired from throwing the tennis balls in the back yard for them.  They are full of enery and we stop throwing the balls after about 1/2 hour since they will go all day.  We promise to post pictures of the two of them real soon but once again many thanks to Diane and her loving family for taking care of these two lovable dogs.


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