This is why I am a foster mom!  Chuck and Vickie adopted Caleb and Casey in Aug and have been sending me pictures and updates since then. I just received these pictures and note from Chuck. He gave me permission to post this for DRC to read.


Saw on the Web site that you are still doing tremendous things with the rescues.  I have to apologize for not sending more pictures but we have been going crazy lately.  I opened another office in Florida and have been commuting back and forth for the last 2 months.  Thank God that we got the dogs because when I am out of town, Casey jumps up on the bed and sleeps on my spot of the bed to keep Vicki warm and safe.  Needless to say we just love these two guys and can’t imagine living without them.  They both control our lives.  I have to throw the tennis balls every day.  If I just open the back door for them to just go out, they just stand by the glass door and stare into the house expecting me to come out with the tennis balls and play fetch with them.  Well guess what, they win. I can’t look at those adorable faces and say no.


I have a client that is a dog groomer and she had a  Howl O Ween party for her dogs.  Not the humans, just her dogs.  I have attached some pictures for you and the girls. Don’t forget, if you or your family is visiting the area, please call us and I am sure the dogs would love to see all of you.



these pictures make my heart melt with love- of all the fosters I have had, these two stole my heart and I was so scared that they would die of malnutrition in the first week we had them. Caleb couldn't walk or move well, as he had lost so much muscle due to the malnutrition. They were so bonded to each other, Caleb would let Casey eat food first before he would eat ( we think to help save her health as she had puppies). 

To see them with loving parents that being adored is answer to prayer and the reason I keep fostering. Look back at these posts to see the original photos of Casey and Caleb and see the amazing difference Chuck and Vickie have made in their lives. Thanks Chuck and Vickie for adopting them together and loving them!

Caleb & Casey Newest fosters in VA

Caleb & Casey adopted

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Oh, they're both just beautiful!  I'm so happy they have this new chance at life.

Dreams really do come true! Thank you so much for sharing this Happy Tale, Diane, and of course, for making such a huge difference in the lives of doodles in need!

Are you sure those are the same 2 dogs???  They are beautiful and I especially adore Casey's picture by herself - what beautiful fur!!

Yay! I love seeing these happy tales photos showing us what progress has been made.  How wonderful that the DRC was able to save them and how wonderful that their new owners saw what they could become and made it happen.

I am so thrilled that you posted this! they look just incredible!!!!

Isn't it amazing, what  happens when love, food and attention are shared?  Diane, you started Casey and Caleb on this amazing journey - thank you for finding their perfect forever family to give them a wonderful life.

Wow! What a huge difference!! Thank you all who were involved in this happy ending and some.


I love this happy story and the pictures. Wow, you can see the smiles on their faces sitting in the backseat of the convertible. What lucky doods to have found you!

Doodle Heaven on Earth!!!  Two very lucky Doodles and we know EXACTLY how you feel - wonderful companions for sure! 

This is the most amazing story and all who helped to rehabilitate these beautiful looking doodles brings tears to my eyes. I wish someone like Michael Vic was made to see the before and after pictures. The after pictures are what every companion animal deserves.


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