Bocker the Labradoodle says:

"I am proud to have been asked to take part in

New York State Animal Advocacy Day

June 13 in Albany, NY!"

"Of course my pal, Steve Caporizzo, of WTEN and Pet Connection, will be there lending his support as always.  Also Wendy Diamond and Lucky, and Rescue Ink will be there lending their support to this very important day.  More surprises will be announced. 

Please come and support NYS Animal Advocacy Day!

Each and every voice is important to bring about change and new laws concerned with the proper treatment of all animals.  They need your voices to speak for them!!! Please show your support. Spread the word.
Be sure to like Animal Advocacy Day on Facebook  and check there for more details.
People who work hard to save animals often feel discouraged or angry when weak laws don't protect animals. Society's views about acceptable treatment of animals are changing, and the law needs to catch up.
You have a terrific opportunity to bring change and win strong laws for animals on June 13, 2012. Assemblyman Jim Tedisco and Senator Greg Ball are sponsoring Animal Advocacy Day at the State Capitol in Albany, NY. You can network with fellow advocates and meet with your legislators to discuss strengthening specific animal protective laws. Last year, we strengthened the animal fighting law by making it a misdemeanor to be a spectator at an animal fight. This year, we can do more.
If we don't show up to be the political voice for animals, then the animals won't be heard. Lawmakers need to see constituent support for these laws in order to pass them. You need to show lawmakers how important it is. Your attendance is vital to speak for the animals.


(thank you Robin Miller for saying it so perfectly)"
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