It's raining doodles in TN and DRC has been asked to take 6 beautiful, needful souls, (some with critical health issues) into our rescue program.

We are putting a call out for TRANSPORT & FOSTER ASSISTANCE in the KNOXVILLE, CHATANOOGA & NASHVILLE AREAS. Or within reasonable driving distance of these locations in neighboring states such as GEORGIA, ALABAMA, THE CAROLINAS, KENTUCKY AND VIRGINIA.

Most urgent are 2 Heartworm-positive girls.....

...and 2 adorable boys from a neglect situation.

These dogs are a bit shy and confused at the moment but all are incredibly sweet, loving, resilient  and willing to trust and love anyone offering even the smallest bit of human kindness. 

They will need patient reassurance, encouragement and most importantly safe haven until we can get them healthy and placed into wonderful forever homes.

If you are able to help in any way, please call us directly at 973-707-7089 or email us directly at:

Thank you all so very much for your unyielding support, continuous encouragement and your dedication to DRC and doodles-in-need!



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Oh, I wish I were closer and had more space!!  I have lots of love to give these sweetie pies.
I would for these a-holes who did this to these poor dogs have the same things done to them.  They all have such beautiful faces.

Amen, Tracy. I'd like to get my hands on whoever is responsible for this.

But now, we need to try to help these poor guys.

Ok I saw the pictures once and now have to scroll really fast past them. Yes I am a coward because I cry my eyes out each time I see photos like this. DRC you are all angels. I am no where near where you need drivers but my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Get those sweet doodles out of there.
I cannot bear to look at these pictures again. I have made a donation, it is the only way that I can help. Bless you all.
No matter how often I see the pictures of abuse and neglect I cannot understand how or why.  I do wish I were close enough to help.

Wish I was closer so I could do more than just the donation. 

I think the "eye for an eye" concept should apply to the person(s) who did this.

This is horrible - I hope we can find volunteers for them - they all look so sweet - I can't wait for them to know love and care.
I will never understand how some people feel they have the right to treat anyone, two legged or four, like this.  Unfortunately, the punishment will never be as much as is deserved.  Which direction are they being transported?  Do we have fosters for all of them?
If any of these sweet babies are going to a foster home within a 5 or 6 hours of me, I can drive as far as Virginia to pick them up and take them where they need to go, just need some notice so I can do some crafty scheduling around my work/travel schedule.

I will take the 2 boys in Northern VA. Colleen and I will work with them. This is so reminscient of Caleb and Casey from this summer. He had 6 lbs of mats removed from him when I got him and then I had to shave him down even more.

Need help with a doodle train to get them up to Northern VA.

Please let Jacqui and Jennine know if you can help with the train?

Bless you, Diane! And Colleen, too!


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