The administrator of our "former" website is now using all members photos and is running them in a slide show on the bottom left hand corner of the homepage....

If you were a member of that website, to protect your personal property we strongly urge you to delete your membership and content from that site.

Sadly, I personally cannot delete mine as this "person" signed in there as "me", changed my password and has stolen my profile, all of my discussions, groups, blogs photos and authored materials that I personally created and posted on that site.

Please notice that my name remains on the link below .
If you click on it you will be directed to my former profile on our former website now being called "Admin".

The alltime Queen of "Plagierism & Copy & Paste" is also doing the same with YOUR written work and photos as well.

This person does not have nor is she part of a rescue organization yet she is soliciting donations on that site without disclosure of the facts. Many members still have absolutely no idea that they are no longer part of DRC.

This "person" is being dealt with accordingly but in the meantime, it is important that you know that you have the option to delete your profile and personal content from that website. If you have friends that remain members there please make sure they are also aware of the situation and urge them to do the same.

Thank you!

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How do you get your pictures and other content off this site? I don't even see an option to "leave the site" on either my page or the home page, and I want to be sure my pictures are all off before I "lock myself out".
What is the most effective way to delete this membership?
Sign in and on the right hand side you will see "settings" on it and scrolldown to the bottom of the page and there should be an option to leave the on it and it will ask you if you want to delete all of your content click "yes".....
Perfect. Thanks, Jacquie. I am out.

Also, a week ago my 23 lb. poodle/terrier/bichon/other mix pooch, Barleycorn, and I passed our Delta Society pet therapy team evaluation. WooHoo! Now we can continue to visit the children at the Boys & Girls Club, the same ones I visited with my beloved Siena before she died June 29.
Congrats Art!!! Good job and before you know it we'll be getting a doodle to you!
Contrats on passing DS!!!!!
What is wrong with this person? I can't get on anymore, Jacquie, so if I'm on it, can't do anything.:(
you are and all your pictures are there in the slideshow. Email Lynne and tell her you want access so you can copy your pictures.
then ask her to delete your page and all your pictures AFTER you copy them.
Hey don't feel bad...EVERY article that I wrote and every group that I created (notice that I created most of them) has been stolen as have all of my personal photos.....Plus if you go to people's pages that haven't updated in awhile, our DRC graphics are still there as well....

Last week she actually copied and pasted one of my articles into a new discussion making it look as though she wrote the article....She then had the audacity to post a link to that article on Facebook....

I should feel honored..She is literally copying and pasting EVERYTHING on that site from other websites ...All written by other people.

And these supposed "corporate sponsors?"...That is just pure fabrication....She isn't being "sponsored" by any of those companies..There is nothing to "sponsor!" Those supposed "exclusive" opportunities for members are promotions available to anyone who downloads the widgets.....

Her comments that say "WE" are no longer posting just doodles" that SHE is leaving on people's pages are making members that signed up for "Doodle Rescue" think that SHE is DRC and that DRC has become something else.....Who's "WE?"....The three people that are posting in there?

"We" meaning DRC are still here and still functioning....she's the only person that is no longer part of the "WE".....

I'm sorry.... I'm just tired of my work being appropriated and plagierised and I am tired of her blaming me personally for her removal when an entire Board of Directors voted unanimously to remove her.
What is most upsetting about this all is that this person is not sabotaging anyone except the doodles..

The dogs are the entities that suffer from this persons self-centered and self-serving actions. And she has the audacity to call herself an "animal advocate."


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