I just learned of this website in the Hartford Courant.

There is this great website for a business in CT, My Book Cart, that buys used and new books from people, mostly non-fiction, textbooks and manuals. If you have a college student who has textbooks he no longer needs, sell them to My Book Cart. It is very easy, you register and then enter the USB number of the book from the back of it, and you will find out what the company will pay for them. They then will send you a mailing label to send in your books and they will either deposit the $$ in a paypal account or send you a check.
So scour your kids rooms, look through your bookshelves and find some cash for Midnight's hips. I pulled 3 soft covered textbooks of my son that totaled $60. We have 2 more weeks to raise $2000 for Midnight's first hip!

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Liz, do they have any franchises in other areas?
As far as I know this business is only in Deep River, CT, however since they send you the prepaid mailing labels, all the work is in the mail. Their customers are all over the country. I think the article in the Courant said they were inspired to start the business since they own a large used bookstore in that town and this would be a great source of obtaining used books.
Didn't realize it was done by mail. Pretty cool idea.
I will check with both of my college kids. I wish they wanted fiction books. We must have at least a hundred hanging around right now.
Nancy, they do buy best-seller fiction books.
They even buy cookbooks and teaching manuals!! Perhaps all those books "for dummies" I should cash in for Midnight's Hips.....
You think I read best-sellers. You flatter me. I read lots and lots of junk. However I will check out the site just in case some of my junk is considered a best-seller.
Wow! I have a zillion books that might work for this! Will create an account from home later and see if any of my books qualify (mostly of the bestseller variety, but 18 years later I do still have some college textbooks. Can you say CLUTTER QUEEN???). Since I got my kindle a couple of months ago, I don't think I've touched a "real" book, so hopefully some of mine will work and I can help Midnight can get some swanky new hips!


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