During last night's Yappy Hour  on Doodle Kisses we announced the lucky (and very generous)  DRC raffle winners. 

Thanks to your amazing generosity this raffle has generated close to $2000 in "Doodle Dollars".  Please know how much this is appreciated and that it will help DRC to continue the important work of saving Doodles in need. 

In case you couldn't join us for Yappy Hour last night, here is the list of winners!

Patti Barry (PJ and Zach) volunteered to create her "Doodle Days" personalized comics for five lucky DRC raffle winners!  I'm sure you've seen these awesome Doodle cartoons on DK and also on Facebook.  Well when we were pulling the winning names last night, we actually pulled an extra ticket, and so there are six winners of these great comics.  They are:

Christine C. (Christine & Camus),

Sheri C. (Lucy and Sophie's Mom),

Leslie W. (Leslie & Halas),

Deborah Carlesimo,

Ginny Nightingale

Doris Light 

A special DRC thank you to Patti for volunteering her awesome talents to help our Doodles in need!

Anyone donating $100 was entered into a drawing to win the complete set of all six varieties of DRCs Casa del Doodle Doodlelicious wine.  So who was that winner?....

Jane, Rooney and Stuart!

The wine can still be yours if you go to www.BenefitWines.com/doodle

Thanks to all of you for always being there to help DRC.  Know that you have played a very important role in giving doodles in need a new chance at a happy life!  

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Nancy -- Here is the one Patti did for me!

I cannot believe how perfect this is!

Love it! Here is mine from this recent contest--it really cracks me up! The cool thing is that I had this picture of Lyric (in the center) and Rio and Mattie were facing each other in a second pic and Patti put them all in one--great! (I just couldn't bear to leave one out---) 

By the way, when I took the picture of Lyric, she was actually catching raindrops!

This is great, Patti is so talented!

This is just awesome.  It is great the way she put the photos together to create a cohesive and, oh so funny, cartoon.

So glad y'all like the 'toons.  That's what makes it fun.  :)

Adorable of Lucy and Sophie's bid for freedom . I LOVE it!

Here is Deb's cartoon of her adorable crew:

I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you , Thank  You!

Your welcome.  And thank YOU for your donation.  :)

LOL, Patti you are amazing!



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