Now that it is betting near tax time, I wonder if any portion of the adoption fee paid to a rescue group like Doodle Rescus Collective, Inc. is tax deductible?

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Don't think so but donations certainly are, except here in Canada. I contribute to DRC and other doggie charities in the US but I  can't use the donation receipt on my taxes. :-(

I would say no, because you are receiving something (besides personal satisfaction) in exchange. If someone wants to give MORE than the regular adoption fee, I would give that amount separately, and that would definitely be deductible.

Here's another question...  I guess that I should address these to a tax specialist; however I am throwing it out to Doodle Rescue, Inc. members:


When you travel for rescue related matters, such as transporting a dog, I know that the mileage you can deduct is 14 cents per mile.  However, can you also deduct meal costs and hotel/motel costs? How about toll charges?


Is there any web site which gives a rundown on what can be deducted when doing rescue related activities?  I personally am proud of paying taxes but, think that it is unpatriotic to pay any more that I am obligated to.

Yes, you can deduct your other expenses. Just keep a good record of your travel dates, where you went, what you did, etc. You can try, but I don't remember how specific they get. If you go to the link below, scroll to the section called out of pocket expenses.

Hope this helps! And I guess I should call myself a tax expert, since I'm a CPA. Taxes are pretty much how I make my living.


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