DRC is so fortunate and proud to have so many wonderful volunteers across the US and Canada and we are especially proud of our friends at "Pilots N Paws" and the amazing volunteer pilots that help us save so many doodles in need each year.

In honor of our friend Joe Radford, the Pilots N Paws pilot missing since March 13 please enjoy the following DRC Tribute to Pilots N Paws and the wonderful pilots who have helped us save so many.


Thank you Joe.....You are forever in our hearts and our prayers....
Thank you Pilots N Paws....We are honored to be part of your family......

And thank you to all of you who make what we do possible with your continued support, encouragement and friendship....



Last week DRC was asked by another rescue to take an adorable 9 month old F1 Labradoodle girl from North Carolina into our program....Terri was rescued from a neglect situation where she had been kept outdoors 24 hours a day and was completely ignored by her owners.

When this sweet pup was hit by a car a few months ago, an animal lover who had witnessed the neglect decided she had seen enough. She took Terri into her home so that she could recover from injuries and then be placed with a loving family willing to provide her with the love and attention she deserves.

It was then that this good Samaritan reached out to a local rescue for assistance and they in turn asked DRC to take Terri into our rescue program. Knowing that we had a wonderful foster-to-adopt family in NY State Liz suggested we bring this adorable girl up to NJ.

Thanks to Pilots N Paws pilot Mary McCutcheon (pictured in the middle below) who not only flew Terri to NJ from VA, she also fostered the pup in her own home for a week until bad weather conditions improved for flying.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mary and Terri at Caldwell Airport when they arrived. I also had the pleasure of meeting our new volunteers the Nielsens.



Terri is now safely in her foster home with the Nielsens in NY state and it looks like she may be there to stay! The Nielsens have fallen in love with her and have renamed her "Annie".......

Thank you Mary, thank you Nielsens and thank you Pilots N Paws!







These sweet little guys came to us from Durham, NC. A lady there had an “oops” breeding between her 5 year old Goldendoodle girl and her male Golden Retriever and ‘lo and behold 63+/- days later 9 beautiful Goldendoodle puppies were born. The lady didn’t really want the hassle of trying to find homes for all the cuties. To make a long story short, DRC now has eight 8 week old Goldendoodle babies in our program. These cuties are being fostered in pairs by DRC volunteers. These 4 are being fostered in Georgia.

A big thanks again goes to the wonderful folks from Pilots N Paws. Retired pilot Keith Decker and his wife Suzy picked them up to fly them from Rock Hill, NC to McCollum Field in Kennesaw, GA this past Friday. Elizabeth, Maddie (my 2 DDs) and I met the Deckers’ plane shortly after noon. We had been waiting a bit as the flight was running a little late. I forgot to bring the flight information with me, but the airport staff were aware that the puppies were arriving. Each time a plane landed that looked like it might be Keith’s the landing staff would direct the plane in and immediately ask if they had puppies on board. Finally Keith’s plane landed and the landing staff chalked the plane’s tire so it wouldn’t roll away. He then stuck his head in the passenger side of the plane and came out holding a snuggly puppy and waving us over to the plane.

We walked to the plane and met Keith and Suzy. The snuggly puppy had flown in Suzy's lap the whole flight as co-pilot. After all introductions were made Keith walked around to the other side of the plane to open the cargo door to be able to open the crate that sat right behind the seats and proceeded to hand over 3 more snuggle bunnies.

We had a blast at the airport and it took us a while to get out of the airport and on our way back home. A couple of other planes landed shortly after Keith from Pilots N Paws and as we were getting puppies out of the plane. Everyone from the other planes came over to love on the babies and tell us stories of the rescued fur kids. I think we almost had one or two adopted right there on the tarmac. :) We even had to go inside the Atlanta Executive Jet Center because other staff members wanted to meet the pups but could not leave their posts.

When we finally got home we had 4 tuckered out little guys. My family and I are fostering 2 of the pups and Karen B. from a neighboring town is fostering the other 2. DRC crew thought it would be great to name the 8 pups after explorers. So the puppies’ names are Amelia, Smith, Cabot, Hawkins, Gilbert, Drake, Hilary and Hudson. We have Gilbert & Cabot, but DH calls them Hoss (he is a big boy at 6+ pounds) and Little Joe (barely 3 pounds). DH is into westerns and has been walking around all day whistling the tune to Bonanza.


OMD! We have puppies everywhere!


Vet name tag says Hatchet but soon to be Smith...


Tagged as Timmy but soon to be Drake.

Leo/Hoss/ now Gilbert.

Jason/Little Joe-Now Cabot.

After an exciting day by plane & automobile...


Hoss(Gilbert) is the biggest pup & Little Joe (Cabot)  the smallest, Smith & Drake are close to the same size in the middle of pic above.  Here is a pic showing of Gilbert & Cabot sleeping this afternoon to show size difference in 1 litter.



Dallas Pilot/Restauranteur Mike Karns Flies Kill Shelter Doodle to Safe Haven-2011



Many thanks to pilot Mike Karns of Dallas, Texas for saving the doodle and the day!


Thanks to Mike, DRC was able to transport Liam, an 18 month old Labradoodle, from a kill-shelter in Oklahoma to foster care with DRC Texas Director Tracy Farmer in Keller, Texas Monday evening.


A restaurateur by trade, (he is the owner of the renowned Dallas Tex/Mex restaurant chain El Fenix http://www.elfenix.com/) and a licensed pilot, Mike has always been passionate about airplanes and animals. So when he heard about the Pilots N Paws animal rescue transport program from friend and DRC Board member Kim Konradi, and DRC's need to tranport a doodle in desperate need from Oklahoma to Texas, he saw the perfect opportunity to use one passion to realize another.


With one days notice, Mike graciously gassed up his plane on Monday afternoon and happily took off for Oklahoma. When he arrived in Tulsa he was met at the airfield by a Pilots N Paws ground volunteer and one stinky, filthy yet incredibly sweet, well-mannered and extremely grateful Labradoodle boy who was at first rather unwilling to go for a spin in the sky.


Mike did a fantastic job of reassuring his passenger that he was perfectly safe. (We think he mentioned something about first-class, reclining seats, cocktails and dinner and a movie.) With that Liam strapped himself in, made note of his exits, put his tray in the upright position and off he went arriving on time and on schedule in Dallas one hour later. Last we heard Liam was "chillin" with his foster family and looking forward to chips, salsa and margaritas at El Fenix.



Thank you to Mike for making this rescue possible, Pilots N Paws for their wonderful program, DRC Texas Directors Kim Konradi and Tracy Farmer and DRC Vice President Liz Syring for coordinating the entire rescue effort.


Liam is available for adoption and looking forward to meeting his new forever family and his new life!








Rory and Harley are two sweet first generation doodles who were in a kill shelter in eastern Oregon when Doodle Rescue Collective was asked to help. They had been surrendered by their owners when Harley's owner died and Rory's owner moved out of state and dumped him at the shelter. Because they were owner surrendered, they would have been among the next group of dogs to be euthanized for space. The dog warden begged us to take Harley once she knew we could find a pilot to save Rory. Being a big black very labby looking doodle Harley had NO chance of surviving that shelter without our rescue.

The joint efforts of DRC volunteers included myself, Charles Rocheville, Christina Bailey, Dick Parker and Pilots N Paws volunteer pilot Brad Milligan involved flying these two shelter doods across the state of Oregon, over mountains that developed a surprise storm during the flight. Most rescue dogs when flying in a small engine plane sleep during the flight. Brad says that 2 old Harley sat quietly looking out the window the entire flight. What was initially scheduled to be a 2 hour flight ended up being a 5 hour flight as the pilot needed to fly around the storm. There were no oxygen masks for the dogs to handle flying a higher altitude over the storm.

They are now being evaluated and cared for by foster Dad Dick Parker and soon will be posted on our Petfinder listing. Enclosed is a picture of the doods and Brad and Charles at the airport. Great teamwork, mission accomplished!!!!






Congratulations to Kingston and his new family! Kingston went from unwanted, embeded collar, neutered, 2 foster homes. This guy had been through the mill. He still some training to do but he has a sweet personality and love his tummy rubbed and his neck scratched. He will be part of a family now and the mom and new sister (human) can't wait for him and dad to come home. Kingston was in Ca, and flew to AZ thanks to Pilots N Paws! He's off to NH on Monday!



Rescued from a kill shelter in Kansas thanks to Pilots N Paws!


 Jet has landed!...2011 


Thanks to Pilots N Paws pilot, Don Lawton, Jet has been safely flown from Oklahoma to Texas.


Jet was found as a stray in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a broken leg and was taken to the Tulsa Shelter. The shelter contacted DRC to come and help this little guy.

Thanks to Liz, transportation was arranged to have Jet flown into Texas so that I could get him X-rayed at the clinic I work for. Dr. Rouquette determined that Jet has a femoral distal salter harris fracture...try to say that 3 times fast! It will require surgery because the break is right along his growth plate and if it doesn't get stabilized, the leg will not heal properly and will be shorter than the other.

I will hopefully be taking Jet to Alvarado to have surgery tomorrow. I will update y'all on Jet's recovery after his surgery.

He is such a sweet boy and is always wagging his tail and giving kisses although he is in tremendous pain. I look forward to seeing this little guy heal and get the forever home he deserves, thanks to the efforts of DRC.









Delilah's story is an amazing example of how unified shelters and rescues can truly make a diference in the lives of animals in-need. Delilah's rescue was coordinated by DRC, Mary Stage the Executive Director of the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter and Pilot's N Paws.


The DRC has established a wonderful partnership with Pilots N Paws....They are an organization of volunteer pilots that transport animals in danger and/or need all over the US. Below is our latest rescue doodle Delilah. She was in an animal control facility in CA. Thanks to the efforts of The DRC, the shelter and Pilots N Paws, we were able to get Delilah to our foster in AZ and the very next day she went to her forever home with a wonderful family in New Mexico!....

Thank You DRC New England Coordinator, Liz Syring for coordinating the entire rescue, DRC Carolinas Director, Krista Sumlin for arranging Delilah's release from the shelter, DRC Arizona Director, Alison Ruckdashel for meeting the pilot Joe Radford and Delilah in AZ and for fostering her and special thanks to Ridgecrest Animal Control Director Mari Stage for not only releasing Delilah to the DRC but for personally handling all of her vetting and driving her to the airfield for pickup!



"Hello all you wonderful people. We are nearing two weeks of enjoying Delilah. She is a treasure. She has slept with us every night and is a confident, affectionate dog, fully housebroken, and greeting all who visit with an open heart. She’s a alpha female and takes no guff from any other dogs, including the big ones. She has integrated well with her new dog “brother” teaching him how to play, wrestle, chase, and do tug-of-war with toys. He’s become a more confident dog in her presence and they’ve never had to have a showdown to get there. She’s loving with one particular and playful young dog, has even rolled over on her back and let let the puppy chew on her then corrects her firmly but gently when the puppy gets carried away. She’s even treated her new cat brother kindly and with a respectful stance, especially after our cat took a couple of swipes at her. Below are some pictures of Delilah and her new animal family here in the neighborhood.

Her only misbehaviors are on the end of a leash (and some aggressive barking while in the car). She could pull an 18-wheeler if hooked up to the front bumper. She also barks and lunges at runners and bicyclists and occasionally other dogs. We start training class with her in early Feb. and meanwhile are using a Gentle Lead which has helped some. Her behavior makes me wonder if some enterprising young person(s) used her to pull them around on their skateboard and/or if she was teased while on a leash. Still, we love and adore her.

Thank each and every one of you for making this possible."

Suzanne and John


Thu Jan 21, 2010, 09:23 AM PST
Ridgecrest, Calif. -

On Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010, the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter was involved in a rescue transport of a
new kind.

I received a phone call from Doodle Rescue Collective Inc., who had seen the shelter’s website
(ridgecrest.petfinder.com) and the picture of a Labradoodle who was left at the shelter,”

Supervisor Mary Stage. “Doodle Rescue is a non-profit organization based in New Jersey, with manyother affiliates located in various states. I spoke with Jacquie Yorke, of the rescue in New Jersey, and she told me she had an approved home waiting, but that the new home was in New Mexico.”

So begins the effort of getting this dog as close to New Mexico as possible. There was concern
about sending the dog on a commercial flight alone, with no one to supervise it’s well being, so Stage
and her staff looked into other options and that’s when “Pilots N Paws” were contacted, a group that specializes in animal rescue transport by air.

“Pilots N Paws is a volunteer organization of licensed pilots who transport animals from shelters to
their new homes. They donate their time, planes and fuel. The pilots have combined their love of
flying with helping those most unfortunate, the abandoned or unwanted animals who find themselves
in shelters worldwide,”
Stage said.

The rescue organization, the pilot, and the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter began working on getting the
dog to her new home.With everything in place, Stage picked the dog up from the shelter Saturday morning and transported her to Inyokern Airport, where they met pilot Joe Radford, who flew in from Arizona.

He has a two-seater airplane and he had removed the passenger seat and replaced it with pillows
and blankets, so the dog would be comfortable during the flight. It was very exciting and the dog
seemed unaffected by it. When she was placed into the plane she just sat there looking around like
she was going for a drive, little did she know the drive would be in the air,”
Stage said.

As the plane left Inyokern Airport, the new owners were on their way, driving to Arizona, where they
would meet the pilot and the new addition to their family.

“It was an amazing adventure with a very happy ending,” Stage said.

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Oh Jacquie, this is just a WONDERFUL tribute to the fantastic PilotsNPaws volunteers, both ground volunteers and pilots have helped us save so many. As the point person for these flights I had lost count of how many air rescues we have been able to provide thanks to these worthy volunteer animal advocates. Our hats are off to PilotsNPaws volunteers, without all your help none of these dogs would be in their happy forever homes today!  And our hearts are still heavy with concern over our dear missing pilot friend, Joe Radford (with the Red Plane), he is a very kind hearted man and he is still in our prayers, hoping he will be found soon.



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