Max and Ziva have both passed their CGC and TDI testing. They are in the process of making 3 supervised therapy visits and then they will be official therapy dogs! Max and I are on Team Max while Roger and Ziva are on Team Ziva. Ziva is still quite rambunctious, but Roger felt that her rescue origins and frost bite-damaged ear would endear her to patients.

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WTG, Max & Ziva! We're proud of you! 

Thanks for the update!! Does us all proud when our adoptive families help their doodle become the doodle they were meant to!!!

Oh, how I loved this girl! I'm SO glad to hear that all is well, and I think it is fantastic that she did become certified, and Max, too! Please hug her for me. :-)

~~~~Be well, stay well.

Lorelei...I just updated Facebook as I completely spaced that you fostered Vanessa for most of the time that she was in our program...Apologies!

No problem, and no apology necessary!! With all you do, I think it would be difficult to remember so many details. But thank you!!

It sounds like the perfect doggy family.


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