Well, it's about 1 year since we first got Hilda. I know my daughter and I have not been active on this forum, but we certainly have been enjoying Hilda.


I thought I'd give an update on her first year anniversary with us. It's been a really great year! Hilda is now such a part of our family. When we first got her, you couldn't touch her tail or hind end, especially her hind legs. Well, she is still a little cautious about her hind legs, not everyone can work with them, but she does let both my daughter and I pretty much do whatever we want/need there. She's less patient having her hind feet manipulated, but we can...


She still loves to chew, but knows now pretty much what is OK to chew and what is not. We give her chew bones and other treats she loves to get. Sometimes she will steal some toy from the cat and chew that up, which she's not supposed to do, but that's pretty much the total of her chewing transgressions. I can hardly complain about that. Although I'll look at her and tell her that's not hers with a stern look, she gives me her "I"m sorry puppy eyes" and we're good for another few months...


She is a great car traveler. We go lots of places on weekends, she likes to come along and just ride with us in the car. My daughter and I drove to Colorado and back to visit Grandpa. Hilda came with us and was just perfect even over all those miles. It's a three day trip out and back. We stayed there for a week. It was a great vacation for all of us. Hilda came on mountain hikes with us. She always knew the trail and where we were even though she would run ahead and behind just to prove how fast and far she can run I guess.. She could run over the the many acres of my fathers farm out there so that was great since here we don't have that kind of space. She knew she was on vacation as much as we did...


In short - Hilda is the most delightful addition to our family and we all love having her and she loves being here...


Thanks to this great resource!







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These photos say it all! Thank you for updating us on Hilda, it looks like she is very happy with her wonderful home and family!

I've thought of Hilda over the past year. I'm so glad Hilda is a good match for your family and you are giving her the life she truly deserves. She traveled a long distance to find her family but it is just perfect for her!


This is the reason DRC exists!!!


Happy, well cared for dogs and happy families.

Thank you soooo much for the update.  We always wonder how the rescue dogs that have  found a space in our hearts, are doing.  What a wonderful life you are providing for Hilda.  How lucky both you and she are.
I am so thrilled for all of you!


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