This is the video of Oscar and Obi when they were first rescued in TN by the wonderful people of the Newport Animal Shelter and Cooke County Animal Care & Control.

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Comment by Colleen, Jake & Baxter on February 11, 2012 at 8:30am

Deborah-it makes me feel so good to hear how well Zeke is adjusting.  I know what you mean by that smile that he does.  It was just so endearing to me. Years ago I adopted an English Setter from a rescue who had been abused. He was a very sweet dog and loved everyone but he continued to hold on to his many fears. Our family learned how to adapt to some of his vacuuming if he was inside, no walking at night, no flashlights, limit the car rides, etc.  

  As you mentioned below, even after all that Zeke went through he still continues to show improvement each and every day.  Thank you again for adopting him and for your willingness in taking Zeke under your wing.  I know that he will repay you back in so many ways.  I pray that he will conquer his car sickness and continue on the path to wholeness. 

Comment by Deborah DeRose on February 10, 2012 at 12:19am

Thank --you for posting this, Jacquie.  I couldn't help but cry seeing Oscar (now Zeke) and Obi in such bad shape.  Please know how loved Zeke is now!  He couldn't be here, though, without all that you, Colleen, and I'm sure countless others did for him and his siblings.  Zeke brings joy and happiness wherever he goes, and it is miraculous how much he improves on a daily basis.  He loves to play with Laya, our other rescue "princess", as my daughter calls her.  We go on play dates, and he is warming up to human attention so quickly!  I swear, he smiles at me most of the time!  Thank-you really is not nearly enough.  Sincerly, Deborah DeRose.

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