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At 3:33pm on September 21, 2018, mia cunningham said…

Hi,  I'm not sure anyone received my response to the inquiry you sent regarding my application.  I checked my span folder for the auto response acknowledgement, but it wasn't there.  Please let me know if I need to resubmit the application.

Thanks,  Mia Cunningham

At 8:41am on September 20, 2018, mia cunningham said…


I'm happy to be a part of the doodle family.  Thank you for all the info.

I  filled out an application about a week ago.  Did you receive it?

If not, I'm happy to resubmit.


At 6:02pm on September 12, 2018, Justin Graham said…

Hi, Thank you for the info. Should we fill out an application before we see a pup we want to adopt to open "the lines of communication with the adoption coordinator."? The application has a required field to specify a doodle so I wasn't sure. 

At 11:02am on September 11, 2018, Charki Schafer said…

Thank you for the great information!  We are reading all of it.  

Just a question though, I filled out the application. Was it not done correctly?

At 10:42pm on September 9, 2018, Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie said…
Autumn 18
At 10:03am on July 10, 2018, Theresa Zook said…

Thank you.  I have read all of it and so want to adopt.  Dan, Justice and I are hoping to complete our family with a new companion whenever possible.  

At 6:49pm on July 5, 2018, Rose M Cook said…

Thank you.  I just wanted to clarify that dogs and cats are only an "irritant" to my allergies, which is a runny nose or itchy eyes, not how some allergies can be so severe for people - I am still able to have both.  

At 2:30am on June 24, 2018, Karen said…

Thank you. Anything worthwhile is never easy. Our doodle is crazy energetic, sheds a lot, needs lots of attention, costs $150 every six weeks for grooming...and had to be professionally trained at home so he can become the amazing sweet guy that he is today. So none of the doodle myths were true for him. With the right professional training and love and patience and time any doodle can adjust and be happy with us.

At 9:27pm on April 10, 2018, Nancy Wilkinson said…

Very good point! I forgot to mention that we are definitely looking to adopt an adult doodle. Thanks again!

At 1:16pm on April 10, 2018, Nancy Wilkinson said…


Thank you for taking the time to comment on my page. Yes, we are aware that not ​all doodles are hypoallergenic. We also know that all dogs shed somewhat. Also, dogs pick up hair and pollen and other stuff that can irritate allergies. There is no perfect world for the allergy sufferer and dogs!

We have been managing this issue for over 30 years. We are lucky that my wife's allergies are fairly mild, but she does have problems when we spend a long time with our daughter's hound or our son's Rottweiler.

Originally, we bought poodles from breeders, but last time we branched out to a Cockapoo - even though we knew the risk. She sheds a bit, but has not been a big problem. We thought that a doodle, even one that sheds, would probably be about the same.

Obviously, we could go to a breeder, but would love to rescue a dog. Our daughter is affiliated with rescues in MA and a student at the Academy for Dog Trainers. Through her, we've learned to a love rescue dogs. We are working with 3 or 4 in our area also. It's a long process but one that will be worth the effort!

Thanks again!


At 10:06am on March 30, 2018, Linda Knowlton said…

Dear Nancy, Ned, Clancy and Charlie,

I understand your concern.  I love all three of the breeds, have spent time with them, and truly enjoy their personalities. Please keep my application active. I really feel that a doodle would be a wonderful addition to our family.  

Best, Linda

At 1:33pm on March 29, 2018, Linda Knowlton said…

Hi. Thanks for your concern. My allergy to animals is not very strong. We have had cats and dogs over the years. I just sneeze a bit and have to wash my hands after cuddles in order to keep my hands away from my eyes.  If I played with a doodle I would soon know. We dogsit for a family dog who sheds like crazy and is a mixed breed.  I have no problem with him.  I'd just like to meet and pet a dog to check it out.

At 4:42pm on February 21, 2018, Lauren Eisen said…

i filled out an application yesterday for a golden doodle and i'm not quite sure why your email is directed towards knowing the difference. i am very much interested in your dogs and i hope i didn't advertantly omit any info you required. please let me know if i did.

thank you,

lauren eisen 

At 7:14pm on January 26, 2018, Margaret Lanterman said…


Thanks for the helpful information.  I am aware of the variances of non-shedding mixed breed dogs, but you were able to add some interesting and beneficial information.  I will be going over that more carefully tonight.  

Concerning having a dog in my own name with vet records, our last three dogs were registered with the vet in my name, and they covered a span of nearly 30 years.  This should put your minds to rest on that count.  All my dogs were well taken care of, and I enjoyed training them.

We look forward to seeing some possible new additions to our family!


At 4:28pm on January 13, 2018, Carolyn E Baner said…

The breed mix is not a big issue, if you happen to get one that is on the small side.  I do plan to have the dog go to obedience class, but it is somewhat important that she walks well on a lead.   Thank you for your information and time


At 8:07am on December 9, 2017, Katherine Marie Ilari said…

I had a dog 40 years ago, so I am knowledgeable about dogs. I also have been around friends of mine dogs.

At 6:41pm on December 8, 2017, Kathy Markley said…

I understand that no dog is allergy free. My daughter with allergies dies not live with me , has her own doodle and we are interested in a dog that might shed less than our Golden did. Shedding is not a deal breaker. We have had 2 Golden’s and have adapted. 

At 5:27pm on December 4, 2017, Katherine Marie Ilari said…

I am interested in adopting a doodle even it not allegy free. I have a question about your note. You must have had a dog as an adult with a veterninary. Does that mean I have to had a dog in the past? I have cat and I can provide a veterninary records that I have take good care of the cat.

At 12:25am on December 2, 2017, Adaileyfallat said…
I have one more question. I see that you e included a link to fill out information about our dog if we decide to follow through with the adoption and I've already filled that form out. Have you received that?
At 12:09am on December 2, 2017, Adaileyfallat said…
Thank you. Yes I have contacted the breeder. She told me Jackie York of Doodle Collective was looking for a home for him and this was on 9.15.17 I haven't heard anything back from her on this. We got him from Kayla's Sheepadoodles in Spokane and didn't sign any paperwork for him as he was a gift from her since our dog before him died at age 2 from bone cancer. I'm not sure what to do about that but I have been in contact with her. I didn't ask her to take him back nor did she offer. I simply said we needed to find him a new home. This was in September. I will look at the links you have posted and send another email to the breeder. Thank you.

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