Proof of how resilient dogs are: After her spay surgery on Tuesday, Vanessa did so well that one would never know she just had a surgical procedure. If I had an incision that size on my belly, I certainly would not be running around, jumping and playing! I know....we were charged with keeping her quiet for 2 weeks, and we did try, but how do you keep an active pup like her from doing what feels natural to her?!?!??? Spayed, microchipped, ears examined, nails trimmed, shots.....she had the full work up and is doing wonderfully well!

Every day, she lets another bit of her hilarious personality shine through. This week, she has discovered that there are not many things more fun than stealing Curtis' underwear off his bathroom floor (that'll teach him to leave his dirties on the floor) and challenging me. First she stands in front of me with the laundry hanging from her mouth, waiting for me to notice. When I do, I swear she giggles and runs off, usually in circles around the dining room table. She KNOWS that I have not had agility training, so I am sure she chooses this particular path on purpose for the sheer entertainment of watching me. She is learning "no!" and eventually puts down whatever she shouldn't have. She learns fast.

As far as her potty training, she seems to have actually asked to go outside a few times this week, but her signals are so faint. She does know that going outside means she has to potty. We still make sure to get her outside at least every 90 minutes. We go to bed around 10:30 and get up around 4:45. We get her up to go outside around 1:30am, and thereby avoid middle-of-the night accidents.

Van hates the crate. She does, however, love to sneak into Mac's crate where he keeps his very special wubba and femur bone, but just long enough to steal something if she can. She sleeps on the floor right next to me, and often wiggles under the bed--- her safe zone.

She is tall, so she bangs her head on furniture. This must be especially painful when we are on the deck...the patio furniture is wrought iron and stone. Poor thing. LOL

She now understands treats and knows that she won't get one if she doesn't sit. She has also learned that it is great fun to steal a ball from Lucy. Lucy doesn't think it's so fun, however. A thunderous chase ensues, and they end up romping and chewing on each other.

Van is so incredibly well-behaved! During our trips to PetSmart, she walks along obediently, and when we stopped last night to read labels on sensitive skin shampoo for Lucy, Van was lying at my feet, waiting patiently for me to finish. Walking through the chewy aisle was amusing. She sniffed out a 3 foot long rawhide bone and looked up at me pleading me to buy it for her. Although I am sure she could easily manage it, I was afraid Lucy, who may have a touch of small dog syndrome, might hurt herself stealing it from Van, so in the store it stayed. I may buy it for her to take to her forever home when it is time.

We have only had her for 15 days, yet she has worked her way into our hearts and made herself part of our family, almost immediately. I was reading richard's post the other day, bawling my eyes out. This is our first fostering experience, so naturally, I have more than a little lump in my throat!!

Stay tuned.....

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Comment by Liz and Seamus on July 4, 2011 at 10:07pm
Awww, good story. Thanks Lorelei for taking on sweet Vanessa.
Comment by Lorelei Johnson on July 2, 2011 at 4:22pm
Just posted some.  It really IS hard to get good ones of her because she's so dark and does NOT SIT STILL!!  There is one, though, where I got a full body shot so you can see her gorgeous coat.  Lucy was actually cleaning her eyes, and Van just sat there, as though Lucy was her mom.  So so so sweet!

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