Do-it-yourself rehoming is not in the best interests of any dog. DRC sees many doodles who have been passed from home to home as a result of having been "rehomed" via Craig's List and similar ad sites, as well as through Facebook "yard sale" type groups. In all of these cases, there is no safety net for the dog if the adoption doesn't work out. In most cases, the dogs are not properly evaluated to determine what type of environment would be best for the individual dog, references are not properly screened, and vetting is often not done. In addition, health or behavioral issues often go undisclosed and/or unknown.

Sometimes, relinquishing owners want to rehome the dog themselves so that they can continue to see or have contact with the dog. While this is understandable, it is extremely confusing for the dog, and makes the dog's adjustment to his new home much more difficult. 

When you rehome or adopt a dog through a reputable rescue agency like DRC, you can be assured that all vetting has been done, any health issues have been disclosed, dogs have been impartially evaluated to address any behavioral issues and determine what type of home would be best for that dog, adopters have been thoroughly screened to be sure that they are able to provide a safe, appropriate, and loving FOREVER home for that dog, and all dogs are adopted with a signed agreement that they MUST be returned to the rescue if for any reason, at any time, the adopter cannot keep the dog. Furthermore, the latter situation rarely arises, due to DRC's diligence in matching each dog to the right owner. 

For these reasons, we do not allow anyone to use this site as a means to make adoption/ rehoming arrangements privately with other members. Anyone found to be doing so will immediately be removed from the website. 

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