ADOPTED- Meet Maui! Available in St Pete, Florida

Maui is a mini goldendoodle (what we were told, we have no way to confirm this) who is being fostered in St. Pete, FL. He is currently 9.9 lbs and non-shed and will be 2 years old in May. He is UTD, microchipped and neutered. Maui is a great little dog who needs a confident owner to provide guidance. He will bark at any sound so apartment living is not for him (however, if I am home he takes direction very well and stops). Maui has no mean bone in his body but if we are in my office or alone in a room and someone new walks in he will let out a soft growl - but again, if I tell him to stop he does. He loves going for walks and will bark/soft growl at new things but again, he stops when I correct him. It appears Maui may not have been given any guidance in his previous home re: this. Overall Maui is a pretty great dog - he usually relaxes in his little bed in my office but does like to play. He hasnt chewed anything up but he is crated at night and when I am gone from home. He is GREAT with other dogs. At first, because he wasnt neutered, he was obsessed with humping one of my dogs but now it seems to have passed. Maui is potty trained and a love bug. We prefer someone who works from home at the very least, part time. He doesnt have to have doogy siblings but does enjoy other dogs so outings that include doggy friends would be nice. No children under 12 for Maui. If you would like to be considered please sudmit an app at:

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