Oh boy!...Lookout world! You are about to be set on fire by this gorgeous little lady with the mesmerizingly beautiful, ice blue eyes! Lyla is a 12 week old Aussiedoodle puppy surrendered to DRC when she was just a little too energetic for her former tea cup yorkie and maltipoo siblings to handle..... She had been gifted to a devoted dog lover who wasn't expecting to receive such a vivacious and smart little bundle of joy. When her former owner realized that Lyla needed much more time, attention and space to run than she would be able to provide for her, she contacted DRC for assistance. Lyla is currently in a wonderful, loving foster home where she is enjoying constant playtime with her much larger doodle foster siblings and is apparently giving them quite the daily workout!

Lyla's foster mom reports:

"Lyla is just the sweetest and the SMARTEST little girl I have ever fostered. And I am sure she will be the most amazing adult dog once she gets through her "bing, bing BING... Ricochet Rabbit", puppy stage. This girl is ALL PUPPY....Puppy energy, puppy inquisitiveness and all the lovely puppy habits that come with a high energy, smart baby doodle. She arrived at 11 weeks old, making QUITE the entrance, and had my big doodles doing her bidding from the start. It's actually very funny to watch this little pip squeak rule the roost herding them around like sheep!"

"Needless to say, Lyla is going to need plenty of daily exercise, stimulation and a job! True to her Australian Shepherd lineage, this girl wants to work and there is nothing she loves more than being told she is a good girl. Tell her what you want her to do and she is on it! She's that smart.....As in "scary smart"..... And keen to please. Amazing that she is only 12 weeks old. She does conk out and settles beautifully after a day of activity. She also loves to stick close to her peeps or person and will happily snuggle up for loving at any given moment."

"She is crate-trained, but loves to be in the center of the household activity and stay close to her peeps and siblings. She is surprisingly well-mannered when it comes to house-training and has taken her foster siblings lead in that area. She has had no accidents in the house since arriving. She will need additional leash manners training and would benefit from puppy classes with her new owner."

Lyla will need a patient, WORKING BREED EXPERIENCED, DOG SAVVY, ADULT ONLY home and a family that will embrace her smarts, her energy, her joyfulness and be willing to give Miss Lyla a job. FYI- When we say "working breed experience" we are referring to people who have had experience living with herding dogs...Large or small, and are accustomed to, and familiar with the instincts, intelligence and habits of dogs specifically bred to work and herd livestock.  A large yard surrounded by a physical fence is an absolute MUST for this girl as she loves to run. She would love another well mannered dog or dogs close to her age and size. BIGGER dogs would be best; No little dogs or cats as she absolutely will drive them crazy with her incessant need to play like a big dog. She doesn't have the desire to hurt any other living creature, but there would be no possible way of escape from her playful pawing for a cat or little dog.

Lyla would be brilliant as an only dog provided that someone is home all the time and keeping her busy with training, tasks and stimulation. She would be amazing for agility and/or fly ball work and/ or an awesome companion for anyone spends a great deal of time outdoors hiking, exploring or even just gardening, and wants an eager partner in crime.

Lyla is is far too young to be spayed at this time, and will be adopted with a contract that requires an additional, spay deposit of $250 which will be refunded upon proof of spay certificate from a veterinarian. She is micro-chipped, UTD on vaccines and preventatives, is crate trained and will be a wonderful addition to the right family.

If you have a loving home to offer this doodle, please complete our online application by clicking on the link below.

You must be prepared for your dog to be an inside member of your family.

In many and most cases, a PHYSICAL FENCE IS REQUIRED in order to be considered for a DRC rescue doodle.

DRC Adoption donations typically range from: $300 - $600 and vary according to the age, health, temperament and location of each dog. Every doodle is an individual and every doodle has his/her own specific needs and requirements. Adopters are selected based on compatibility. NOT on a "first come, first serve basis.

At no time does DRC ever put the desires of applicants, before or above the needs and requirements of rescue doodles in our program.



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