ADOPTED- Meet Leo! Available for adoption in Winter Haven, FL!

Meet Leo! An adorable aussiedoodle available in Winter Haven, Florida! Leo is 4 years old and approximately 70-80 lbs but could loose a little weight. His previous momma was distraught having to give up Leo but knew she was doing what was best for him. She was Leo's 2nd home and loved him a ton!

Leo is a sensitive boy. His foster mom stated that the first day he was with her he started bonding but was definitely sad and missing him mom and spent most of the day laying in the foyer and going between the 2 front windows to see if his Mom was coming back.  Since then he has started settling in and decided the sofa was a good spot.  

Leo is currently fostered with another doodle his size (Rusty). The 2nd day at his foster home he was still not really interested in playing with Rusty but there were no issues between them. Leo's foster mom says she walked them together that night and they did great walking together. His foster mom says he kept wanting her to get his leash and harness, especially after breakfast, since his mom walked him every morning. It didn’t take him long to learn to get thru the screened door so that he could go bark at the cows that visit the pasture behind his foster home.


Leo and Rusty have become great friends.  His foster mom was a little reluctant the first couple of days to play with shared toys but once she started throwing the 4 little crazy bouncing balls in the house Leo got off the sofa and started playing with Rusty, then she got the oink balls out and they had a blast.  Now they jump on each other and woof and run around the back yard together. 


His foster mom thought he was being snippy with Rusty but that’s just how he plays. His best match would be a single Mom like he is used to and would probably do real well with another dog.


Foster mom states:

Leo is truly a sweet boy.  He bonds very quickly with females, I was told he has to warm up to men. He loves being told he is a good boy. He sits for treats and before he eats meals, is very gentle at taking treats and a slow eater (though picky).


He loves walks, will go to the rack where his leash and harness hang and let me know he wants to go walking.  He and my Golden Doodle walk very well together.


I give him total access to house and there have been no issues. I was told he chews stuffed toys but he hasn’t and Rusty has lots of toys. After gating him out of my bedroom for a few nights I let him in and he sleeps on the rug at the foot of my bed.


Leo was crated and drugged the first year of his life so missed out on the important puppy socialization experience.  He does bark at people and other dogs when walking, he can be distracted by treats. 


He is vocal and at first I thought he was being snippy with Rusty but it’s how he plays, he brings me toys and is growling cause his mouth is full but he wants me to play tug with the toy, I don’t have any fear of sticking my hand in his mouth to get his toy. His entire body waggles when he is praised and petted. Favorites are head and butt rubs and chin scratching.


He has so enjoyed having almost constant access to my backyard and has helped a little with yardwork.

Leo would do best in an adult-only home where someone is home most of the time. If you think you may be a good fit for Leo you can submit an application online at:

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