ADOPTED! Meet Damon a 1 YO Doodle available in Silver Spring, MD

Meet Damon a 1 year old Australian Labradoodle available in Silver Spring, MD. Damon is 25 lbs and very shy and sweet. He could be an only dog with the right very experienced owner, but if he has a pal that wouldn’t be a bad thing. He would also do well with a bossy female, as he is so submissive. He is the type of dog to “tolerate” socialization in excess more than seek it out. Big time cuddle bug. I'm not sure he will ever be the kind of dog that will be happy hanging out at restaurants or going for daily walks through the park, but I could be proven wrong. He needs a very experienced owner because he's a very smart dog and once he connects with someone and knows he can trust them, will bond very deeply.

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