Meet CALI, Now Callie, ADOPTED in Auburn, CA

Cali is a very loving, and lovable, 1/5 year old female Goldendoodle rescued after two weeks in the City of Sacramento animal shelter.  She was an unadoptable stray with no history, when one of our volunteers found her.  The shelter would only allow a rescue group to take her, as she was not happy with anyone trying to touch her head.  Turns out, she had severe ear infections!

When Cali first arrived at her foster home, she was being treated for ear infections as well as kennel cough.  She was dirty and smelly.  First priority - a bath!  She did splendidly in the shower as long as we didn’t touch her head.  Initially Cali was very anxious, scared and untrusting in general.  After a week in her foster home, she started trusting more.  She stopped barking at other dogs, and started greeting them calmly.  She started ‘asking’ for belly rubs, by rolling around on her back.  She adores her foster parents, and loves to be petted, combed and played with.

While perfectly well-mannered in the house (crate and potty trained) Cali needs more training when outside for a walk.  She gets very excited when she sees any wildlife, including birds, squirrels and deer.  She is doing much better with other dogs, but we haven’t seen how she will be with cats yet.  Cali’s favorite things to do are getting love and attention, taking long walks and riding in the car.  She will need a home where she can get lots of affection, and someone to complete her leash-training.  

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Comment by Karen & Jackdoodle on April 23, 2016 at 11:48pm

Cali is adorable! 

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