Here's a group that everybody involved in rescue and the fight against puppy mills needs to be familiar with: PIJAC : "Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council"

These are the guys who lobby on behalf of the brokers and pet stores, and fight all the laws we'd like to see passed. You will particularly love their horror at the legislation animal rights groups are trying to get passed, like a mandate that pet store & puppy mill dogs be allowed out of their cages for 20 minutes a day! These guys are serious, and they are the enemy.

Here is what they do: (from the above linked website)

"PIJAC's Government Affairs team reads, reviews, researches and represents the pet industry's position on thousands of bills and regulations each year. It is impractical for you to try to follow all of them and run your business at the same time, so PIJAC does it for you.

PIJAC is the industry's advocate with respect to government legislation and regulations that affect the survival of the pet industry.
In 2007, PIJAC screened more than 14,000 federal, state and local initiatives and closely monitored more than 2000!
PIJAC's StateWatch system scans legislative and regulatory proposals in all fifty states, as well as at federal and international levels. This enables PIJAC to alert the industry to immediate and emerging issues.
PIJAC is a recognized authority and is called upon for consultation and to serve on task forces and advisory committees by federal, state and local governments, and international conventions.
PIJAC is the industry's liaison with governmental agencies; formulates industry policy positions; prepares analyses and testimony; coordinates industry responses; assists industry witnesses; and directs legislative grassroots work.
PIJAC is the one single unified voice for the pet industry, able to present the industry's position on key issues."

Here are some of the issues they are worried about (and not in the way YOU are concerned):

Policy Watch
Minnesota Considers New Dog-Cat Breeder Licensing Standards Limiting Possession To 50 Animals

Two New Jersey Bills to Affect Pet Shops

California Pet Store Animal Act Effective January 1, 2009

USDA to Add Contingency Plan Criteria To Animal Welfare Act Requirements

Colorado Proposes Additional Amendments To Pet Animal Care And Facilities Regulation

(Horrors! Animal Welfare? Animal CARE?)
Check out PIJAC's website. (Especially, look at their board you do business with at least one of those guys.) Everyone who truly cares about the welfare of companion animals needs to be informed, too.

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Comment by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie on July 4, 2010 at 7:05pm
Thanks for this information.
Comment by Jane, Guinness & Murphy on June 29, 2010 at 10:52am
Thanks for posting this, Karen. This looks like a well organized and potentially powerful organization. Unfortunately their platform will only foster and promote the position of puppy mills and irresponsible breeders. It is clear who is funding this non-profit.

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