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Meet Brody - one of DRC's newest doodles! ADOPTED

Brody has been hanging with the boys of Oxford, MI for a few weeks now and has learned so much. He's five years old and has the energy and spunk of a puppy but settles in for snuggles after playtime. This sweetie can play ball for hours - although the poor stuffies only last minutes.

Brody hadn't been to the vet in several years but he is all caught up now and a healthy boy, weighing in at 65 pounds. He has a beautiful coat of many colors - black, silver and even some dark…


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Meet Sierra - one of the Fab Four now hanging out in Michigan!- ADOPTED!

Sierra (fka Guera) was rescued from a hoarding situation in Missouri along with her three buddies (Paluche/Paco, Chaparro/Chico and Munica/Mona).  All four doodles were living with several other dogs before being surrendered to the shelter in St Joe, Missouri.…


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Meet BEAR - ADOPTED! one of DRC's Doodles in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Bear is a strikingly handsome 2 year old labradoodle boy looking for his forever family.  He is a love and needs a family who is patient and…


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Meet Shep - a gorgeous boy just coming into the program!

Meet Shep - a beautiful 13 month old goldendoodle boy who has recently come into the DRC program.  Shep is a wonderful boy who, like most doodle puppies, loves attention and needs dedicated time for play, exercise and grooming.  While he is currently living in New York City, he would love to have room to run and play.


Shep's family loves him dearly and is devastated to be giving him up but they realize with three young children and living in the city, he isn't getting…


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Meet Louie - one of DRC's newest foster doodles

Mr. Louie is a ten month old doodle puppy who has unfortunately had two homes already in his short life.  He is a typical doodle puppy - needing lots of attention and room to run!  He shared his last home with five other dogs and no fenced yard for him to play in and the poor guy just wanted room to play.


Since he arrived at his foster home he has had lots of room to run with his foster brothers.  He had a look of pure joy when he first got off leash and could run around all…


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Meet Louie!

I had the pleasure of meeting Louie a few weeks ago and he's been my buddy ever since!  Like most doodles, he loves his peeps and can usually be found curled up at our feet....or trying to be a lap dog (all 70 pounds of him!) but he's ready to play at every opportunity.

Louie is…


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What an adorable doodle!

When Jeannine emailed me the other night to let me know we were getting a new dog in our program I must admit I didn’t know what to picture when she told me he is a basset doodle.  Well, I just want to go on record and say a basset doodle is one very cute doodle indeed!


Bogart (love that name!) is a 10 month old  basset doodle weighing in at a mere 25 pounds – he’ll likely weigh no more than 35 pounds when he reaches adulthood.  He’s a silly, playful, energetic and smart…


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Lilly found her new home...and her twin!

When Lilly woke up on Saturday morning she didn't know it was going to be such a big day for her.  You see, her family had relocated recently to a smaller home without a fenced yard and she was not a happy doodle girl.  Her mom could see how sad Lilly was, not being able to play in a yard or just sit on the deck and watch the squirrels, so it was with sadness of her own that she contacted DRC to help find Lilly the perfect family to bring the sparkle back to Lilly's eyes.

Little did…


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The ups and downs of a showgirl...

Some of you may remember my foster, Lola (go ahead and break into song now….Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…).  In the spring she came to our house after being rescued by animal control from a home that wasn’t feeding her well.  She arrived weighing a paltry 37 pounds but full of energy and loving people.  Lola was adopted by a terrific couple and has been doted on from the moment she arrived at their house.  Her new dad is retired and the bond that developed between them was immediate…


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Bruneu's Update

After two weeks of living a life of freedom and attention Bruneu says he never cares to go back to his old way of life.  He spends his days and evenings close to his peeps, interspersed with romps in the yard and posing for pictures.  At the vet last week he showered everyone with attention and was happy when people lavished kind words and affection on him.


This guy's resilience is amazing, he settled into our routine without missing a beat and he's never forgotten his…


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This Chocolate is good for everyone!

Yep, our new foster, Bruneu, is a gorgeous blend of all kinds of chocolate and has a delicious personality to match. He's the ultimate Chocolate Kiss, and is more than willing to share his lovin' with everyone he meets - but in a very gentle way. When I met with Sue Cooper, who drove him from Columbus to Perrysburg, I thought she had brought me a sheepdog instead of a doodle - he was that hairy!  I was sure he had beautiful eyes somewhere behind his hair but they were well hidden.…


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What a rescue can accomplish...

Both our boys, Clifford and Cloud, are rescues.  Clifford came to us 13 months ago at the age of 10 months, he was found abandoned by Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit and was naturally afraid of cars as I’m sure he spent time dodging them before being rescued.  Cloud found his way to our home and hearts 6 months ago at the age of 2 years, after being found as a stray by animal control.  Cloud was afraid of anything we carried yet after some practice he fearlessly walked up to a person… Continue

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Finally some Lola pictures

Well, it is usually the black doodles that are hard to get good pictures of but the illusive Lola has been camera shy for almost a month now.  In the last few days she has let me snap a few and we thought we would share.  (It's not that she is really that shy around the camera, I just find myself enjoying playtime and forgetting to grab the camera.)


Lola is sweet as ever, she makes friends with every person she meets - children and adults - and is especially fond of those…


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Lola has been with us nearly four weeks now and I must say she is still as sweet as her first day with us.  She is still obsessed with retrieving things and has expanded the game to frisbees which she is able to catch in the air a lot of the time.  She still hasn't really wanted to play with the golden boys - she is definitely focused on her people.  We just found out yesterday how great she is around kids too. 

It is great to see the change in her fur now that she has had good…


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Meet Lola...

When I talked to the shelter manager about Lola he described her in one word - SWEET!  (Boy, was he right!)  There is no warming up period with Lola, she hasn't met a person she didn't think of as a friend - even the vet.  (She liked the vet so much she decided to leave a present in the waiting room...well, we needed to bring a sample anyway.)  Ignoring that incident at the vet, she is completely housebroken.  While Lola came to us underweight, I think she will quickly be up to her ideal…


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Carly is home!

We met Carly's forever family yesterday, including her new brother Skip, a goldendoodle.  Skip and Carly were friends almost from "hello".  We spent three hours with her new family - not because it took us that long to decide but because we became friends almost as quickly as Carly did.  I know this is the right home for her and I've already talked to her family today and the first day has gone great.  She is so like Skip it is uncanny.  Carly only lives two hours away so I hope to see her…


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Cuddly Carly

Carly, our current foster, has somehow missed out on regular blog posts and I’m not sure why.  She is a sweet and beautiful girl who has been with us for four weeks and quickly found a place in our hearts and on our laps.  After trying to comb and cut the mats out of her fur, we admitted defeat and took her to be shaved down.  While I was worried about what she would look like as a naked doodle, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when we picked her up.  She is beautiful and looks more…


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Please pray for Benji - SUNDAY UPDATE

Yesterday, my Grandma's 5 year old bichon poodle mix was enjoying a walk through the neighborhood with a friend when he was attacked by four pit bulls.  Benji was taken to a nearby vet and underwent three hours of surgery.  The neighbor who was walking him spent the afternoon in emergency getting stitched up.  We moved Benji to the emergency and critical care hospital for the night and was able to get some sleep with the help of morphine and a wonderful vet and vet tech.  Benji was my…


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Meet Carly, our shepardoodle foster...

We had the pleasure of meeting Carly yesterday and now it is time for her to make her world debut!  Carly is a ten month old shepardoodle - that's a white german shepherd and poodle mix - and what a cute mix it is.  Carly made the five hour trip to our house like a real champ, she laid in the back and didn't make a sound even though I'm sure she was unsure of what was going on.  She met up with our "golden boys" on a walk and again took it all in stride.  Her puppy energy comes through when…


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Little Dood, Finley, Finnegan (Finn) ... is recovering nicely

Little dood is recovering this morning from his traumatic snipping yesterday at the vet. He seemed to know something was up yesterday morning when I took him out to my mom's car; she was taking him since I had to work. He didn't want to get in her car and then when they got to the building he didn't want to get out of it. When we picked him up last night he was still woozy and unsteady on his feet but he walked along glued to my side, not really sure what was going on. We got him home and… Continue

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