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Last month, DRC was contacted by a volunteer representative of a high kill shelter located in the southern tip of Texas on the Mexican border. We were asked if we could help save 6 young "Labradoodles" from certain…


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my foster failure, Pippin - still in love!

It was fun just now to look back over the pictures of Pippin when we first rescued him.  I really did fall in love with this little guy - 100% head over heals, and I still am.  He is such a sweet, calm, loving dog.  I wish I knew where he came from so I could tell others who meet him and want a dog just like him.  Maybe he was just one of those special angels, dropped down just for us to find.  It often seems that way.  He is still just as cute as he was as a puppy and hasn't grown much…


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Julia’s Journey!

Sweet Julia and adorable Webster had a three-leg journey to Indianapolis a week ago Tuesday.  Our favorite and always willing to transport Kyoko Henson picked up three puppies from a puppy mill in northern Ohio, Vanessa went to Pittsburgh, Julia and Webster continued their the journey to Indianapolis via the super incredible Sue Cooper.  Sue and I met in Springfield, OH at 10:30 pm…Webster of course pooped in his crate in Sue’s car…I don’t know how she made the three…


Added by Jeannine Smith, Vice President on June 13, 2011 at 11:00pm — 24 Comments

Meet Pippin!

This little guy now has his new name! Pippin, or Pip for short.  There are lots of reasons, first of all that he's a pip-squeak next to…


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We have decided that Pip is a mini Goldendoodle.  He's nearly identical to one of Mater's friends, Sadie, as well as Allyson't Peri.  Pippin went with us to Mater's obediance class last night and was so good!  He was curious and friendly with everyone and every dog.  He loved the kids that sat near us.  No fear at all!  However, he doesn't seem to have any training other than to "SIT" for a treat.  He walks well on a leash, but doesn't heel.  He does't pull either though, so that's good.  He…


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Cash will soon go home!

This is probably the final Cash blog I’ll do. He’ll be leaving for his forever home in a couple of weeks. We have loved being part of this guy’s life for the past few months, and he is now part of our forever memories. He’s managed to snuggle his way into our hearts.

I think the first dog you foster is probably the hardest because you aren’t prepared for the mixed emotions as they leave your care and move on. You watch them bloom from the fearful, confused rescue animal to a…


Added by Kathy Janes on February 5, 2011 at 1:32pm — 6 Comments

HOLIDAY CASH - a foster dog update

Busy times have led to fewer Blog updates, but today it's time. Cash has been a great boy over the holidays! I was really afraid he'd water the Christmas tree like he does the ones in the yard – but he didn't bother the tree at all! He left the ornaments, lights, gifts and everything untouched unless his toy bounced into the milieu and then he carefully reached in to get it. I'm continually amazed by what an easy dog he is.

He has gotten comfortable enough with us now to let a couple… Continue

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Eli our new foster

Eli came to our home yesterday and I swear he is the sweetest Doodle ever! Just a bundle of Doodle love. Gave him bath,he was so good,cleaned his wounds, shaved his wounds,cleaned his ears. He just let me do what I wanted.

He has some training,sit, down,he knows what a leash is. Last night be bought his leash to Brian to take him out! For me he goes to the door and whimpers. I did not walk he and Jordan together today they both went…


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Cash's Blog#2 - Cash is full of surprises!

Cash is beginning to bloom! And what surprises he has been for us!! He is still bonded to me more than anyone else in the family. Mater is taking Tom’s attitude of “I loved one foster and it was sad when he left so I’m going to try to not let myself get attached like that again!” But with a guy as gentle and sweet as…


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Cash - A new Foster Dog blog

What kind of name is Cash for a dog? I can see it with one of Paris Hilton’s fussy little mini-dogs. But a Labradoodle named Cash? Well, considering that he was in prison in Tennessee, he was probably named after Johnny Cash. It just sounds a little ostentatious to me, and this is no ostentatious dog!

Cash came to us after a long weekend of transport and different people, tired and a little confused. He met Mater and…


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Here is where the story continues

Gus nuzzles his new boy. I think they are happy together!

Added by Kathy Janes on September 26, 2010 at 12:01pm — 6 Comments

F. Scottie - the first days...

Yep, Scottie too, was part of Operation Three Caballeros. He is such a skinny, frightened boy but he is slowly coming out of his shell. Wednesday evening when we got home from the doodle train excursion Scottie wasn’t too sure about his new…


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Sometimes it's good to hear the wonderful things we are all doing as a group and this is one of those stories. Last Thursday we were contacted by the rescue coordinator of a large city animal control facility in North Carolina. They had three young male doodles who were relinquished by a puppy mill and they needed rehabilitation to help them recover from the trauma of the puppy mill in which they had been born and raised. They need socialization to people and life outside the mill. They need…


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The Purpose of the eyes of a 6 year old

A Dog's Purpose (from a 6-year-old).

"Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish

Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife Lisa, and their

little boy Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping

for a miracle.

I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we

couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia

procedure for the old dog in their…


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Picking up Casper

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I accompanied Jacquie and a DRC volunteer to pick up Casper at his owner's home. He is a 2 1/2 yr old boisterous tall (approx 24in at shoulders) white 70lb ALD whose family decided the best thing for him would be to find him a home that could better meet his needs. He is a dominant personalitied boy and still needs to learn some people manners. We walked into the home with the Mom crying and holding him back on a leash and gentle leader collar while he barked at us… Continue

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DRC will be on CBS Early Show 6/9/10

DRC has been asked to participate in the CBS Early Show at 8:30am EST tomorrow! They will be celebrating the beauty of mixed breed dogs to coincide with the AKC allowing mixed breed dogs to participate in events such as agility but not beauty. They will have a small "beauty contest" of the local adoptable rescue dogs and the commentators will try to identify their breed mixes. Our very own PENELOPE and her foster mom, Patty Travaglino of CT will participate in the show!!! They will also post on… Continue

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