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Lacey is finally done convalescing

Today we visited the wonderful folks at Santa Marietta Animal Hospital for one final heartworm test and to have Lacey's stitches removed from being spayed.  I am happy to say that Lacey finally has a clean bill of health.  Dr. McLean checked Lacey's heart again and no sign of the heart murmur she had we she joined us.  So the murmur was indeed the result of the heart worms.

To celebrate Lacey and I took our first out in public walk.  It was just "she and me" time.  We went to Roswell…


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Miss Lucy update

Many thanks to Frannie, Deborah and everyone in their neighborhood for their tireless effort and success on ending Lucy's life as a fugitive.  Miss Luce lost 16 pounds during her time on the run. Lucy has been convalescing with us for 2 weeks now.  I am happy to say that she has gained 5 of those pounds back.  Most of week 1 was spent with her hiding behind our couch. I have been trying to make time to blog about her progress but life just seemed to get in the way.…


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Cabot is with his forever family

It’s official, Little Joe (Cabot) is adopted. Phil and I met his forever family Saturday afternoon at a local park. Michael & Anna had kept it a secret from the kids. When the kids saw Phil and I walking Little Joe they ran up to ask if the could pet him. Little Joe was more than happy to shower kisses on the children and they loved petting Little Joe. Then Anna said to the kids, “Remember the surprise I mentioned?”. The kids nodded and she said, “This is it. Little Joe is our puppy”. You… Continue

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Bitser has a Forever Family

It's official; Mr Bits has a forever family.  Next Thursday they are driving from Louisville, KY to Atlanta (about 7 hours) to pick him up and take him to his forever home.  We have been corresponding and I have been sending them pictures.  The family is completely smitten.

I took these pictures with my cell phone so they are a bit grainy.  Bitser loves to snuggle under blankets in our bed, but this night he wanted to snuggle next to Harlow's bed.…


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OPERATION "THREE AMIGOS" - Mission Accomplished!

It is hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since Operation Three Amigos started with rescue of 3 young male doodles from a North Carolina shelter. Well I am happy to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Duke was adopted first by a lovely family in NC. Yesterday Harvey joined his forever mom and today F Scott Fitzdoodle, the last of the Three Amigos, found his forever family.

Linda and new doodle… Continue

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Me and my shadow

Me and my shadow are not feeling blue at all. My shadow follows me where ever I go, even if it from room to another then back again. My shadow sleeps on a floor pillow on my side of the bed. Every morning when the alarm clock chimes my shadow puts his front feet on the bed to greet me with morning kisses and a tail wag. The only time he doesn't follow me is when he is romping with Harlow or chasing the tennis balls Frannie gave us.

F Scott has come a long way from the frightened dog… Continue

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F Scott Fitzdoodle week two and a half update

Has it really been over 2 weeks since F Scott joined us? Time flies when you’re having fun. Scottie loves to play in the backyard with Harlow. There are endless games of Fox and Hound. They run and run and run; then they collapse for a long nap. Scott has turned into a cuddle bug. He loves to put his front paws on our lap, lay his head on our chests and give our chins doodle kisses.

We continue to work at walking around the neighborhood. Scott is still very, very shy. We are…


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F. Scottie - the first week...

It has been a full week since Scottie has been fostered with us. He doesn’t have the self-confidence of his big brother Harvey, but he has come a long way in a week. Amazingly, he has had only 1 accident in the house and that was the morning after he arrived. He hadn’t figured out the stair-thingy yet and was afraid to go down the stairs. But fear of the stairs is…


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F. Scottie - the first days...

Yep, Scottie too, was part of Operation Three Caballeros. He is such a skinny, frightened boy but he is slowly coming out of his shell. Wednesday evening when we got home from the doodle train excursion Scottie wasn’t too sure about his new…


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Coco Knee Injury Update

Great news on Coco's injured knee. She is doing much much better. She is able to put more weight on her leg every day. She is feeling so much better that she jumped up on my bed for the first time since her injury. When I first walked into my room I just noticed a doodle laying on the bed. I really didn't take in which doodle was it was until Harlow pushed her head in my hand for a scratch. That is when I realized it was Coco in the bed. She was so proud of herself and excited that she could…


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