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Doodle grief/heartbroken pack

We have a 5 y.o. Labradoodle who seems to be grieving since the loss of his two elderly siblings this past Saturday. We also have a 10 month old labradoodle as we knew this day was coming and hoped it would ease the transition. Gus, the five y.o., is anxious at times and distant at others. We are devastated at losing our 17 & 14 y.o. dogs and watching Gus suffer is making it so much more difficult. We are trying to take more walks &car rides. Also trying to distact w/peanut butter… Continue

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The Kindness of Strangers

This is to let you all know, in case you don't already, what a caring, supportive community DRC really is. I found myself in a bind as Barkley's foster, with my own doodle feeling completely overwhelmed, and Jeannine and Adrianne were there for me at every step.  And then Grace stepped in and offered to take B. until DRC can find him his furever home. Even though I am disappointed not to have seen my job through till the end, I know that Grace will take good care of him.  And within hours of…


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Barkley discovers he fits under my desk


The young lad makes working a challenge, I must say, when he pops up like that.

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Zoey has found her FOREVER HOME! :D

Zoey was officially adopted by her wonderful parents on Saturday afternoon!  Scraggle (schnauzerdor) made the trip with them from Ohio to pick up Zoey.  Sniff sniff, intro dance and they were good.  Sister and brother for life.  You could tell that they were going to be great together.  Zoey and Scraggle will balance each other out.  


See Julie's post"Zoey's Busy First…


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Zoey's Busy First Whole Day

We had a pretty good night. After refusing to quiet in the crate, we put a gate up at the top of the steps and we closed off the other bedrooms (we are recent empty-nesters) except the guest room where Scraggie claimed the bed as his own. Once Nick and I decided to stop reading and turn off the lights, Zoey paced a few more minutes and then laid down on the floor on my side of the bed. She seemed to sleep pretty well most of the night, although I heard her get up and pace a few times,…


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... for the welcome and info.  

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Happy Birthday Harper!


Added by Rachel on September 24, 2011 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

A rocky road to a happy ending

For 2 years my DH and I had been proud owners of a mini labradoodle named Cubbie, then I started to get the “itch” to add another doodle to the family.  I had always wanted to adopt a dog and was thrilled when I came across the Petfinder post about a dog that was being rehomed through the Doodle Rescue Collective.  I applied, we were approved, and so began our journey down one very rocky road……


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The ups and downs of a showgirl...

Some of you may remember my foster, Lola (go ahead and break into song now….Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…).  In the spring she came to our house after being rescued by animal control from a home that wasn’t feeding her well.  She arrived weighing a paltry 37 pounds but full of energy and loving people.  Lola was adopted by a terrific couple and has been doted on from the moment she arrived at their house.  Her new dad is retired and the bond that developed between them was immediate…


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More Pictures of Barkley - How can you resist this face?



Added by Laurie on September 22, 2011 at 10:04pm — 4 Comments

Barkley and Tucker (try to) co-exist

So I have discovered my first foster hurdle.  My dog, a 30 lb 7 yr old doodle, is not a big fan of my 70 lb foster doodle, Barkley. It may have something to do with the fact that Barkley would rather chase, sit on, climb on, jump over and generally annoy my dog Tucker. I have been trying many different strategies to help Barkley get the hint, so that both dogs can be in the same space with me, but nothing has worked until now.  When at a loss, try a bone. 

Here the boys are, spending…


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Say hi to Barkley

Day Three of Fosterdom...  Barkley is our first foster dog and we are finding our way.  Lots to remember about puppies, lots to learn about big dogs.  Tucker is our own labradoodle. He is a smallish doodle.  Barkley is our 1 year old foster, and he is 60 pounds, twice Tuck's size.  My poor dog isn't quite sure why this big behemoth is in his house. Barkley, on the other hand, just wants to play, play, play.  I think B. is enjoying our twice a day walks, as he learns not to pull on the leash. He… Continue

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Marley my new and first foster

We drove 6hrs round trip to pickup Marley out first foster Labradoodle. 

He really like the car ride . He was nervous at first but he then got used to it . He is a really playful puppy. He knows certain commands  sit,up,laydown. He does like to mouth play so we have to work on that . He loves to go on walks /runs. He is somewhat house trained. He loves to follow you everywhere. Will update agin soon…


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Update on Chloe-Zoe-Carly

I just received a phone call from Paula Woo who adopted the Goldendoodle puppy we rescued from the Hesperia Animal Shelter.  The shelter called the puppy Chloe and we changed it to Zoe because we had another Chloe in the house. Anyway, Paula's poodle is named Zoe so the puppy ended up being named "Carly".  Paula needed documentation of the spay for L.A. Animal Control licensing.


What wonderful news!  Paula reports that Carly is getting along marvelously and that everyone…


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Miley Found Her Bark & Tail

Miley is really starting to make progress.  We have been using a 25 ft lead outside.  Miley will now stop for you to pick it up, instead of running the other direction.  Once you have the lead in hand she will start walking toward you.  Miley will walk along with you loose leashed, instead of pulling away from you.  If Miley thinks we're going inside she will pull going toward the house.  If you are sitting on the steps outside or in the grass she will come up to you on her own, sniff, touch…


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The world according to Zoey

It has been about a week and a half since we brought Zoey into our home as our new foster.  Her and Scarlett took to each other by the end of day 1 (Scarlett takes to anything that moves in a nanosecond) so for Zoey to give-in to Scar in less than 8 hours, it was a real testament to her easy going personality.


Zoey has a healthy energy, but settles nicely (especially when it is just her and us).  She is going to be a great dog to take on walks/runs, be active with, then come…


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Second Chance Photos

Second Chance photos is an awesome organization that teaches volunteers and shelters how important good photos are for adoptions. This websites has a lot of great picture tips for anyone that fosters.


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Starting to feed my dogs RAW

I've been learning and reading about feeding our dogs natural foods such as meat and fish. I've been wanting to at least supplement our current grain free kibble with more protein and perhaps switch to all RAW diet. Last week I fed the boys chicken livers and poor Seamus had terrible diarrhea. Since then I've conversed with Andrea Johnson who is a wonderful resource for RAW diet and nutrition.

Last evening I started again by giving each of the 3 doodles a raw chicken thigh. At first…


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Confessions of a Foster Failure

Yup, that would be me. I know you must be thinking “OMD! It can’t be true!” Ah, but I am happy to say that it is. Miss Lacey (formerly Lucy) has officially become one of the Whitefield Pack.

This poor, stoic girl has gone through so much in her short 3.5 years. First to be born in a puppy mill and then being bred every single time she came into heat just to line this a##&)*e’s pockets. Then to add insult to injury, once the puppy miller was done with her, he/she dumped this…


Added by Nina W, Georgia Director on September 7, 2011 at 8:00pm — 15 Comments

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