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What an adorable doodle!

When Jeannine emailed me the other night to let me know we were getting a new dog in our program I must admit I didn’t know what to picture when she told me he is a basset doodle.  Well, I just want to go on record and say a basset doodle is one very cute doodle indeed!


Bogart (love that name!) is a 10 month old  basset doodle weighing in at a mere 25 pounds – he’ll likely weigh no more than 35 pounds when he reaches adulthood.  He’s a silly, playful, energetic and smart…


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Hard to believe when Twinkle came "home" with us last November--just seven months ago--I was so worried she'd jump over our fence that I fashioned a long lead so she'd have the whole fenced-in yard, but be safe.  Now, she has freedom to emplore our full yard and the wooded area to our West.  Soon we'll be going on adventures to other open areas, as I've done for years with Nina, April, and her namesake--our beautiful Bouvier, Star, now playing amongst the stars.

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I swear I posted this and the new photo of Twinkle just the other day, but don't see it, so I'm doing it again.  The new photo shows our girl in a summer cut enjoying the great outdoors--no electronic collar, no leash, just an amazing self-discipline and guidance provided by her girlfriends, Nina and April.


I make time for her and the other girls several times a day so they can get out and experience their surroundings outside the fenced in yard and house.  This weekend my…


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Carter (aka Snicker-doodle) has his forever family! (Also on Doodle Kisses)

It's official! We poured over an abundance of wonderful applications and finally narrowed it down to one perfect, forever family for Carter.

The best part of it is that the family is local, so Doris & I got to surprise them on Friday night with the news and most importantly, Carter!

We slapped a…


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Quincy Update

I am happy to say that things have been going  better around here for the last couple of days. Our havanese boys are being more accepting of Quincy and I'm not freaking out everytime he tries to tug on their ears or tails. I have let them handle it between themselves, and it has gone well. There have been a few times I have had to separate them for a rest or time out especially when  the play is getting out of hand. I have been using the clicker to train Quincy to "stop" on command when he…


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