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Meet Henry! An adorable white/cream goldendoodle that's 68 lbs. Henry is a sweet boy who loves his blue wooba toy! He does well with dogs his size but tends to bother smaller pups too much. He is very trainable and learns quickly and is easily distracted when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing by saying "where's your wooba!?" Henry is house trained and just turned 1 January 2015. He needs some more socialization when…

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The Dynamic Texas Boys.

Max and Darwin two adoptable doodles, in texas, are truly amazing.mThey are German Shepard doodles. I have worked with foster dogs for over 10 years, and these two are the smartest, most easily trained, eager to please,faithful dogs I have ever worked with.

When we received them they were extremely anxious and full of energy. They were crated in an extra large metal crate together when needed. They were extremely co dependent on each other. Gradually I began to separate them so that their… Continue

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Meet the Nebraska Four - ADOPTED!

Hershey (5yrs), Lizzie (4yrs), Pancake (4yrs) & Martin (15mos)

Everyone is doing fine and making progress daily.  Growing up in a puppy mill is not easy.

Hershey was described as a spinner with barrier aggression.  Not liking human contact and backing up in the corner when kennel opened.  Dragline needed to catch.  I’m happy to report that I have not seen any of the behavior.  Enjoys playing with female dogs.

Lizzie was described as being…


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Meet Bruno! A gorgeous 16 month old F1B goldendoodle available in St. Pete, FL. He is crate trained and knows sit and paw. We are currently working on his leash manners and teaching him not to jump. Because he was just recently neutered he tries to mount other dogs but is great with correction. He was living outside for the last 2 months and is currently enjoying being an indoor dog. He does well with dogs his size but may be a bit too exuberant for little dogs. He is 65 lbs and a total LOVE…


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Cocoa - ADOPTED!

Cocoa is an F1B labradoodle that is 4.5 years old and approximately 55 lbs. He was purchased 4 years ago by a family that pretty much kept him in a crate and did not socialize him. He is doing wonderful in his foster home and loves to go to the dog park and romp with friends his size. He also does fine with friends his size in his home but not so well with little dogs. Young children make Cocoa nervous so he will need to go to an adult only home. Most importantly needs a calm…


Added by Adriana Dinis on April 4, 2015 at 11:00am — 2 Comments

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