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Meet Lola...

When I talked to the shelter manager about Lola he described her in one word - SWEET!  (Boy, was he right!)  There is no warming up period with Lola, she hasn't met a person she didn't think of as a friend - even the vet.  (She liked the vet so much she decided to leave a present in the waiting room...well, we needed to bring a sample anyway.)  Ignoring that incident at the vet, she is completely housebroken.  While Lola came to us underweight, I think she will quickly be up to her ideal…


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New Doodle Mom


Hello all,

Just announcing that I have become the proud

 mom of a gorgeous, black, 3y.o., 70lb, brown eyed

 Labradoodle  named Zeke! We have been together

for a week, after a long drive from Apache Junction

(near Phoenix), AZ. to Fort Worth, TX. He is a…


Added by Hida M. Avent on March 28, 2011 at 5:14pm — 10 Comments

More on Ruby....a gem of a foster doodle!

It's three weeks today since Ruby came to the ATL to get fostered and WOW has this girl adapted quickly! Not only is she ridiculously, absurdly gorgeous, she has the calmest, sweetest nature (possibly ever).


Callie has been doing a great job with teaching her foster sister how to be a proper doodle, and there's been some things that Ruby has learned on her own. Under Callie's tutelage, Ruby now likes to lounge on the sofa with her big noble head in my lap. She patiently…


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Reggie is in Ohio now safe and sound from an Animal Shelter in West Virginia.  What a character he is!!  He loves life and is a very happy and ornery fellow.  As my son said, " He is like a little kid just looking for something to get into".  He loves his tennis balls ( although they do not last long in his possession) and his cuddly toys (but they last even a shorter period of time so he doesn't get those very often).…


Added by Sue Cooper on March 26, 2011 at 2:52pm — 6 Comments

Hilary and Hudson?


We're so pleased to be fostering two of the goldendoodle pups from North Carolina.  In the Explorer spirit, the female (fluffy one) is named Hilary and the male is named Hudson.  There's an ongoing struggle about the names, though, with my sons preferring to call them Joey and Dee Dee (after the…


Added by L.A. Brickner on March 21, 2011 at 12:00pm — 10 Comments

Meet 4 of the Little Explorers!-Thank you Pilots n Paws!

These sweet little guys came to us from Durham, NC. A lady there had an “oops” breeding between her 5 year old Goldendoodle girl and her male Golden Retriever and ‘lo and behold 63+/- days later 9 beautiful Goldendoodle puppies were born. The lady didn’t really want the hassle of trying to find homes for all the cuties. To make a long story short, DRC now has eight 8 week old Goldendoodle babies in our program. These cuties are being fostered in pairs by DRC…


Added by Nina W, Georgia Director on March 19, 2011 at 6:00pm — 16 Comments

Bitser's Forever Family

On Thursday morning Bitser met his forever family.  Jim and Terri drove over 7 hours from Louisville, KY to bring this sweet boy into their family.  Bitser seemed immediately attached to Jim.  After a bit of play in our local dog park, Mr. Bits hopped into Jim and Terri's car like he had always been with them.…


Added by Nina W, Georgia Director on March 18, 2011 at 9:00pm — 2 Comments

Ella Update

It has been a bit soggy in the Virginia area and thus our dog park has been locked up to dry. That meant long walks with Ella and Cooper around town while waiting patiently for it to open up again. Well finally, it opened yesterday and Cooper and I decided to show Ella our favorite place. Ella was just amazing. She was born to be around people and dogs. She did so, so well! She said "hi" to all the people with her head held high, waiting for them to pet her. And then she mingled with the…


Added by Katrina on March 15, 2011 at 11:10am — 2 Comments

Carly is home!

We met Carly's forever family yesterday, including her new brother Skip, a goldendoodle.  Skip and Carly were friends almost from "hello".  We spent three hours with her new family - not because it took us that long to decide but because we became friends almost as quickly as Carly did.  I know this is the right home for her and I've already talked to her family today and the first day has gone great.  She is so like Skip it is uncanny.  Carly only lives two hours away so I hope to see her…


Added by Kim and the doodle boys on March 13, 2011 at 5:09pm — 4 Comments

Pippin - what a difference a week makes!

Pippin is a puppy after all!  He's playing tug with Mater, chewing on a few too many things (we bought more Bitter Apple) and paying with balls and toys.  He even discovered that the duck honks!  He's blooming and cuter than ever!  As I write this he's playing by himself bouncing and catching a tennis ball in the family room, happy as can be.  I can't get over what a great dog he is!  Perpetually smiling and happy, friendly with everyone and every animal he meets.  He's just full of…


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She is one fine looking miss! Good luck with her adoption! Best!!

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Bitser has a Forever Family

It's official; Mr Bits has a forever family.  Next Thursday they are driving from Louisville, KY to Atlanta (about 7 hours) to pick him up and take him to his forever home.  We have been corresponding and I have been sending them pictures.  The family is completely smitten.

I took these pictures with my cell phone so they are a bit grainy.  Bitser loves to snuggle under blankets in our bed, but this night he wanted to snuggle next to Harlow's bed.…


Added by Nina W, Georgia Director on March 11, 2011 at 3:49pm — 5 Comments

Cuddly Carly

Carly, our current foster, has somehow missed out on regular blog posts and I’m not sure why.  She is a sweet and beautiful girl who has been with us for four weeks and quickly found a place in our hearts and on our laps.  After trying to comb and cut the mats out of her fur, we admitted defeat and took her to be shaved down.  While I was worried about what she would look like as a naked doodle, I must say I was pleasantly surprised when we picked her up.  She is beautiful and looks more…


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Sweet Ella

Meet Ella!

I met Ronna at the boarder of NC/VA on Sunday to pick this sweet girl up and bring her home. She sat in the front seat and would try and climb into my lap if I was not petting her constantly. She has the sweetest face and just wants to be close to people who love her. It was raining (hard) on Sunday, so I decided to introduce her to my goldendoodle Cooper inside my apartment. No problems, at all. Cooper is very mild mannered to begin with, and Ella was just excited to run…


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Meet Pippin!

This little guy now has his new name! Pippin, or Pip for short.  There are lots of reasons, first of all that he's a pip-squeak next to…


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We have decided that Pip is a mini Goldendoodle.  He's nearly identical to one of Mater's friends, Sadie, as well as Allyson't Peri.  Pippin went with us to Mater's obediance class last night and was so good!  He was curious and friendly with everyone and every dog.  He loved the kids that sat near us.  No fear at all!  However, he doesn't seem to have any training other than to "SIT" for a treat.  He walks well on a leash, but doesn't heel.  He does't pull either though, so that's good.  He…


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Ruby Foster Doodle in the ATL

Ruby is a sweet (SWEET) 3 year old labradoodle. She was pulled from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina (thanks, Michael G!) where she had been turned in by her backyard breeder "parents". That's right...Ruby was used strictly to breed litter after litter of puppies and then was turned into this high kill shelter when her "usefulness" was gone (If you can't read between the lines, I hate these people. I can't put it into gentler, more PC terms...people who irresponsibly breed dogs so they…


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Ernie,Priscilla, Teddy and Parents

We've had Ernie since early. We thought we were going to foster him but he had different plans for all of us. His personality is blooming and his energy is amazing. I mentioned earlier he was signed up for his first obedience class next week. We are looking firward to it because he seems so anxious to please. Our other doodlr chase each other in the yard about Priscilla is learning quite a bit from Ernie.He does get brushed every day and is starting to like. He always gets a treat after. Ernie… Continue

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