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ADOPTED- Meet Daisy & Duke available in Lakeland, FL

Meet Daisy & Duke two goldendoodles available in Lakeland, FL

Daisy was born on 08.31.10 (8 YO). She is white, 45 lbs, spayed, house broken and crate trained, UTD, chipped. She does have seasonal allergies that prior owner helped with Zyrtec. She does not shed. 

Duke was born on 12.26.12 (6 YO). He is apricot, 85 lbs, Neutered,…


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ADOPTED! Meet Snickers! A labradoodle available in Orlando, FL

Snickers in a 4 year old labradoodle available in Orlando, FL. She is approximately 40 lbs and has a beautiful red/apricot coat that doesn't shed. 

Snickers is beautiful but she will need a STRONG pack leader who can help her with resource guarding (food bowl/bones - no issues with toys). She also takes some time to warm up to men. Because of this we will only place her in an adult-only home. 

Snickers was left at a training facility by her family about 2 years…


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ADOPTED! Meet Dude! A goldendoodle available in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Meet Dude! A goldendoodle available in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Dude is 10 years old and 80 lbs. He's up to date and neutered. Don't let his age fool you! He still requires daily walks and exercise but tires easily :).

Unfortunately Dude was attacked by a pitbull about 3 years ago and has become aggressive to dogs that look like pitbulls and any dog he feels is going to attack him (overly excited dogs etc). Dude does well with his labradoodle brother who was adopted before he was…


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ADOPTED- Meet Daisy! A Cavapoo available in St Pete, FL

Meet Daisy! An adorable Cavapoo available in St. Pete, Fl. Daisy is 7 years old and approx 17lbs. She was surrendered to DRC due to medical issues the family was having. She is an absolute LOVE and honestly one of easiest fosters I've ever had. She is pretty mellow and enjoys laying on the couch while you watch TV. She loves to be loved on but doesn't annoy you for it (wont paw etc but if you initiate she'll be your best friend forever). She is completely house trained and crate trained and…


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Kash is a 2 year old goldendoodle saved from craigslist.

As you can see from the photos he is undernourished (you can see every one of his rib bones!).…


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ADOPTED! Meet Ryder available in Orlando, FL!

Met Ryder a 35 lb 2 year old goldendoodle available in Orlando, FL! Ryder was surrendered by his heartbroken family since they took on an elderly dog that had multiple medical issues after a close friend passed away. The family felt Ryder needed a home that could devote more time to him. He is a happy little guy who loves all dogs and is good with cats. He is medium energy and after a walk likes to chill at home with his family. 

To be considered for Ryder please read our…


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TYPE: Standard…


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ADOPTED! Meet Winnie available in Jacksonville, FL!

Winnie is a sweet little 10 year old 100% poodle that was abandoned by her owner on the streets of Jacksonville, FL the beginning of September (previously we thought she was 14 but her previous vet records state otherwise!) She was scooped up in a rain storm while running through 7 lanes of traffic. The gentleman who found her, could not keep Winnie so he surrendered her to DRC. She is approximately 14 lbs but needs to gain another 3 more. She is 17 inches at the…


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ADOPTED! Meet Winston a doodle available in Lakeland, FL!

Meet Winston! A small doodle (12 lbs) available for adoption in Lakeland, FL! Winston was found abandoned and hit by car at a local park in Jacksonville, FL. A good Samaritan took him to the ER and the doctors there diagnosed him with a sacrocaudal fracture. He was also very malnourished and severely dehydrated. Doctors guess he is around 1 year old or less.

Since being in foster care Winston has had to have his tail amputated to help with his healing but that hasn't…


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     CeCe, DRC 2016. CeCe was leash aggressive when she was adopted by her furever people. I am so proud of the hard work they put in to make CeCe part of their family. In CeCe's previous life she was owned by a military family and had lived in several countries with them, so moving is not an issue, but being out and about with her owners on a leash, is absolutely a new and hard-won skill. Those of you with leash aggressive dogs, take heart. CeCe is…

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Buddy is a 25 pound bundle of energy who loves to give his people sweet little kisses.  He was apparently dumped in a residential neighborhood and was found shivering on a porch after being hosed by another neighbor.  A wonderful good Samaritan who took him in hoped that Buddy would fit into her family. Sadly, that home simply wasn't a good fit, so the DRC was contacted to find a home that will be.  It is easy to see how much he learned with the good Samaritan. He is being fostered by one of…


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Cagney was found wandering in a Wilderness area where there are both coyotes and cougars. That the coyotes or big cats  didn't get him is amazing in itself. We rescued from the Riverside, California KILL Shelter and transported to a foster home in Long Beach.

Look at that face!!! Those eyes!!! He is one puppy bundle of love. The cream long hairs appear to be his puppy coat…


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ADOPTED! Meet Hachi/Gus. A goldendoodle available in Tampa, FL! PENDING!


Meet Hachi! An 8 month old F1 goldendoodle who is about 50 lbs. Hachi is ALL puppy and needs lots of exercise and definitely training. He is a busy, busy doodle who is very strong! He is currently being fostered with several dogs and previously lived with several small dogs so he is fine with dog friends. We have no idea how he is with cats.

If you would like to be considered for Hachi please read our adoption guidelines and fill out an application…


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ADOPTED! Meet Oliver! A Labradoodle available in Tampa, FL

Meet Oliver! An adorable labradoodle available in Tampa, FL. Oliver's owner surrendered him to DRC when they realized they didnt have the time required for a puppy. He is 52 lbs and almost 10 months old.

His amazing foster family says:

He is very gentle, very sweet. He's timid at first, and an observer at a distance for all new things and everything seems to be new for him. I think his life was very sheltered before. Loves to be nearby all the time once he…


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Meet Brody - one of DRC's newest doodles! ADOPTED

Brody has been hanging with the boys of Oxford, MI for a few weeks now and has learned so much. He's five years old and has the energy and spunk of a puppy but settles in for snuggles after playtime. This sweetie can play ball for hours - although the poor stuffies only last minutes.

Brody hadn't been to the vet in several years but he is all caught up now and a healthy boy, weighing in at 65 pounds. He has a beautiful coat of many colors - black, silver and even some dark…


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ADOPTED! Meet Scotty a Doodle available in Lakeland, FL!

Hi everyone meet Scotty! He is available for adoption in Lakeland, FL! We have no exact idea of what kind of doodle (he's really more lab/scotty) Scotty is (maybe a scotty/poodle, scotty/lab, schnauzer/poodle, terrier/poodle?) but whatever he is all we know is that he sure is CUTE! Scotty's owner passed away and his family asked for DRC's help to place him in his forever home! Scotty is used to living in the country and running around in his own fenced back yard so a home with a fenced yard…


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Do-it-yourself rehoming is not in the best interests of any dog. DRC sees many doodles who have been passed from home to home as a result of having been "rehomed" via Craig's List and similar ad sites, as well as through Facebook "yard sale" type groups. In all of these cases, there is no safety net for the dog if the adoption doesn't work out. In most cases, the dogs are not properly evaluated to determine what type of environment would be best for the individual dog, references are not…


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Looking to adopt an adult doodle in Wisconsin

I recently lost my beloved 10 yr old doodle, Simba,from a ruptured tumor on his spleen.  I adopted him when he was 1 yr old and for the past 9 yrs he was a true best friend and we had a bond that words can't possibly describe.  While we are devastated over the loss of Simba, we know we have so much love to give to another doodle.  We are looking to rescue an adult doodle and hope to connect with others on this site who might be able to assist us in adopting a doodle.  We live in Wisconsin,…


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Last month, DRC was contacted by a volunteer representative of a high kill shelter located in the southern tip of Texas on the Mexican border. We were asked if we could help save 6 young "Labradoodles" from certain death.

These dogs were described as three, 4 month old Labradoodle puppies, an…


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