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Posted on March 30, 2020 at 2:30am 2 Comments

We are all on our "stay-cations" right now, but you can visit HOLLYwood right here on Doodle Rescue Collective.

Seriously, I'd like to introduce California- Holly to everyone.  Holly is a 6 year-old, 56 pound goldendoodle.  Her owners have…


Hunter in southern California

Posted on November 11, 2019 at 3:05pm 0 Comments

Hunter is a big 4 year old boy located in Southern California.  He is a wonderful boy but nervous when confronted with anything new.  He needs  a special, loving, determined owner.  As you can see, he loves the great outdoors.  Hunter prefers to…



Posted on November 10, 2018 at 4:30pm 0 Comments




Posted on June 23, 2017 at 6:10pm 1 Comment

     CeCe, DRC 2016. CeCe was leash aggressive when she was adopted by her furever people. I am so proud of the hard work they put in to make CeCe part of their family. In CeCe's previous life she was…


Posted on May 23, 2017 at 5:30pm 3 Comments

Buddy is a 25 pound bundle of energy who loves to give his people sweet little kisses.  He was apparently dumped in a residential neighborhood and was found shivering on a porch after being hosed by another neighbor.  A wonderful good Samaritan…



Posted on May 4, 2017 at 7:00pm 5 Comments

Cagney was found wandering in a Wilderness area where there are both coyotes and cougars. That the coyotes or big cats  didn't get him is amazing in itself. We rescued from…


**Hello from Ned, Clancy and Charlie**




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Where are you located?
Tell us about yourself and how we might help you:
I have 3 doodles; 2 are rescues.
Do you currently own a dog? If not, have you owned dogs in the past? Any other pets?
Ned, Clancy, and Charlie are my doodles.
If you are looking to adopt a doodle, why have you chosen this mix?
I am drawn to smart, loving, floppy-earred dogs. My first doodle was from a breeder; my second was adopted from a shelter; my third was a rescue re-home.
Have you read our adoption policies, located under the "About DRC" tab?
Are you aware that many doodles are not allergy friendly and that many of them do shed?
Are you aware that we do not adopt to homes with children under 10, and that we do not adopt dogs for service work?
Are you now involved in Rescue? If so, how? Are you interested in volunteering with our rescue?
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At 8:56pm on September 13, 2020, Betty Schuck said…

Thank you for the additional information. We currently have a goldendoodle and I spent many hours researching the breed prior to adding her to our family. We are very much interested in adopting a doodle in need of rehoming. We look forward to hearing from you. 

At 10:34pm on August 27, 2020, Donald Cohagen III said…

I am aware of the risks. I have and cared for many labs in my life an the pleasure of doodles in my family. All my companions have been rescues. I prefer rescues older in nature, as they are less likely to get adopted. I am sure the rest of your criteria will be no issue. Thank You for making sure I am informed and committed to your process. While I have not made a selection, I sm sure the right one for both of us is coming.


At 1:55pm on August 20, 2020, Kathryn Geismar said…

Thanks so much!  My application is in and I will do my best to keep aware of who is out there looking for a new forever home.

At 7:09pm on August 7, 2020, Charlotte Braun said…

DO you send dogs to the Minneapolis area.  I am 72 live in a town home and looking for a good companion.  I can not fence my back yard buct several neighbors have a twice a day walking club   I am able to take the golden doodle out several times a day but Is nice to have all the dogs sniff and check you out.  I am looking to foster or rescue a senior dog.  I would like to give them the best few years.  I researched dogs that would work best for me.  I like that they are pretty much a non shedding dog.  Please let me know your thoughts.

At 7:57pm on July 29, 2020, Helen Mendoza said…

"What background does an aussiegoldendoodle have? sounds interesting."

Our guy, Chief, is half Aussie, part golden retriever, and part standard poodle. He's smart and cheerful, somewhat protective but friendly, and just as happy to chill out and nap all day as he is running a thousand miles trying to herd the dogs at the park.  

At 7:54pm on July 29, 2020, Julie Levine said…

I am definitely aware that companionship is a dog-to-dog thing, not a generalized breed-to-breed thing. Our son had a Goldendoodle that we loved, but our Dobie Charlie wasn't yet in our family when Teddy was with us. Our rescue Dobie needs a playful, interesting, energetic yet not overly assertive female companion. My husband and I would love to add the right Doodle to our home and family. We are retired for the most part and enjoy sharing our home with a couple of dogs, as we did when our kids were young.

At 6:06pm on July 29, 2020, Victoria Nash said…

Hi there. Thank you for the feedback about allergies. My husband and I are aware of those issues, but we would still like to adopt a doodle / poodle. We currently have a poodle, Xander, who is under the care of Dr. Hope Coleman. All of this is in our application and file. Thank you, Victoria.

At 5:32pm on July 20, 2020, Lisa Voticke said…

Thank you!

At 8:54am on July 16, 2020, Mel Cords said…

Thank you for this information.  While I have spent years teaching dogs to earn off leash and privileges, I do see why a fenced in yard is preferred.  My husband and I are working on a plan.  With COVID-19 materials are challenging and having a cohesive plan with our property and expanded deck design is important to us.  I don’t want to just throw something together fast and then hate it and do it again.

The below links are appreciated resources.  
Have a great day!

At 12:11am on July 13, 2020, Lisa Lord said…

Hi there!  I’m a bit confused as to how this site works. Could someone please tell me how we can see available dogs?  I’ve already filled out the application. 

Thanks very much! 

At 1:12pm on July 3, 2020, Debra K Wisor said…

I have read the adoption policies. I am also aware of the allergy issues. Wehad a doodle for 14 and a half years. We currently have a Standardpoodle and a poodle mix(maltese?).  Neitherof them are an issue.

The vet records are either in my husbands name or Both our names. If that isn’t sufficient, I’ll look elsewhere.  We provide a wonderful, loving home for our pets. We keep them for life. They have room to run and are well fed and well loved.

At 4:19pm on June 8, 2020, Tim Sapp said…

Ok, thanks for the response.  Unfortunately, I cannot provide information on the vets we previously used for our pets as I had stated in my application that it was quite some time ago since we had the dogs. They were alway very healthy animals and I cannot remember a time where we needed one for anything other than routine medical checkups.  Those were usually done at the Chandler/Gilbert Animal Hospital in AZ.  I am sorry I cannot provide you any more information than that.  

At 2:47pm on June 6, 2020, Tim Sapp said…

Hello.  I understand the need for the Veterinary reference and I have a coworker who has a Goldendoodle.  He reaally likes his Vet and suggested I use his.  How do I add that information as you requested?  Thank you.

At 9:33am on June 2, 2020, Traci Clark said…

Thank you so much for taking the time to educate me.  I've been looking through all of the shelters and rescue groups as well.

At 10:14pm on June 1, 2020, Barbara Kazana said…

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I have a few questions. We always had dogs nand cats while my children were growing up, until they just grew old ( the animals and the kids).After they went to college, I worked full time and  have not had a pet for a while.   Also, I do not have a vet because I do not have a pet now. I do dogs Sit for my grown children. Now, that I retired, I would just love a dog. Been thinking about it and looking for some time. Should I just list the vet I would use, that my daughter uses?


At 12:15pm on May 26, 2020, marilyn v santiago said…

We live in South Carolina.  Are there rescue doodles in are area?

Thank you,  Marilyn

At 12:15pm on May 26, 2020, marilyn v santiago said…

We live in south Carolina.  Are there doddle rescue groups in our area?  Thank you,  Marilyn

At 12:28am on May 26, 2020, Karen said…

Many years ago we cared for my sister's  Irish Setter for one year while she lived in Europe.  It is too long ago to have records.  I am willing to provide her name as a reference if that would further my chances of adopting a rescue dog. Because we both worked full time and traveled a lot right after retirement, we did not believe that it was wise to leave a dog alone for so many hours a day.  Now we are home 24/7 and would like to share our lives with a rescue dog.  We do have vet records of careful and loving care for a rescue cat for 14 years, including for 1 1/2 years after he he suffered a stroke. 

At 10:30pm on May 23, 2020, Alicia said…
Will be lookin at st.bernard and doodle rescues both. Thanks.
At 4:46pm on May 18, 2020, Rob said…

Thank you for the comment.  Yes, we aware of any cross breed labrador doodle is still going to have some allergy issues, but they don't shed and that's a big factor in why my wife and I are excited to pursue our next family member. 


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