Please do not submit the application below if you are under 21 years of age. Please cut and paste application below into a Microsoft Word document. Fill in the appropriate information and return it to us either as an attachment or copy and paste into the body of your e-mail and send to the email address below.

In the event that your application is an "adoption match" for one of the doodles in our program, you will be contacted.  Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc is a national rescue organization comprised completely of volunteers. We do apologize in advance as it is difficult for us to reply to every email inquiry and application. All approved applications are kept on file for consideration for future DRC adoptable doodles......



Your Name:


City: State: Zip:


Home Telephone: Work Telephone: Other:

● Are you aware that The DRC does not typically ship or transport dogs?

● Are you the head of your household?

● If you work, what is your/your partner’s occupation?

● Are you over 18 years of age?

● Are you currently expecting a child?

● Why are you applying for a rescued dog?

● Have you ever applied to another rescue? Please describe the outcome:

● Have you ever housetrained a dog? Please explain your methods:

● Do you understand that we have a strict spay/neuter policy? What are your feelings?

● Does anyone in the household have allergies to any animals? If yes, please explain the nature of the allergy.

● Is anyone in the household fearful of animals?

● Please provide 3 personal references with contact information:





Veterinarian Practice Name:

Veterinarian Name:

Veterinarian Address: Veterinarian City:

Veterinarian State: Veterinarian Zip:

Veterinarian Telephone: Veterinarian Email:

Under what name are your Vet records kept?

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to contact your vet and give permission for Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. to contact them regarding your records and the status of your pets.


● Where do you live? (Single-family, multiple family, apartment, other)

● Years in Residence

● Do you anticipate moving within the next year?

● Do you own your home?

● If no, do you have permission from your landlord to keep animals?

● Name of landlord:

● Telephone number of landlord:

● Do you have a completely fenced-in yard?

PLEASE NOTE: A secure, physical fence (fully enclosed yard) is required for homes with children under age 12. For some dogs, fences of a minimum of 5 to 6 ft are required. E-fences (electronic fences) do not qualify as a "physical fence" and we strongly discourage their use with adult rescue dogs.

● If yes, what type of fence? (Chain-link, plastic, wood, wire, other)

● How high is the fence?

● Do you have a swimming pool?

● If yes, can the dog get into the pool from the yard?

● Please tell us about your household and your day to day activities.

● How many adults are living in your home?

● How many children are living in your home?

● Please list the Name and Age of household members, including frequent visitors:

● If applicable what are your children's experience with pets?

● Explain how you will resolve any issues relating to children and the doodle

● Who will be the primary person responsible for the doodle?

● Daily work hours of primary caretaker (per week)

● Is this your first dog or your first dog as a family?

● Have you ever adopted a rescue or re-home dog before? Please provide details.

● Are you aware that poodles and retrievers have natural hunting (prey) instincts and may chase small animals?

● Do you presently own any pets and/or have you owned any pets in the past?

● If yes, please list the name, age, sex and type of animal for each pet, and state why you no longer have them:

● What type of food do you feed your current/previous pets:

● If your home is currently a one-dog household, has your dog ever lived with another dog?

● How do you feel about pets on furniture?

● Some dogs could take 30 days or more to adjust, are you willing to give the doodle time to adapt to its new environment and family members?


● Are you familiar with crate training?

● How many hours will the doodle be alone during the day?

● How long would the doodle go without a potty break? Are you willing to provide a "potty break" for the doodle if you are going to be gone more then (6) hours?:

● If the doodle is not completely housebroken, are you willing to spend the necessary time to work with the dog on house training?

● What do you feel is the best method for house training?

● How would you handle a “potty” accident in the house?

● Where will you keep the doodle at night?

● Where will you keep the doodle while you are at work or out on errands?

● Where will you keep the doodle while you are on vacation?

● How do you plan on exercising the doodle?

● When and where do you plan to exercise the doodle?

● Would you be willing to take a doodle with manageable health or behavioral conditions?

● Are your current animals spayed / neutered?

● Are all of your current animals up to date with immunizations?

● Are your current dogs given heartworm preventative?

● Are you familiar with flea & tick and heartworm preventatives?

● Please estimate the annual cost for the following: Food (premium), grooming, veterinary care, and toys.

● Have you ever given up a dog? If Yes, Please describe situation:

● If you are unable to care for the doodle (death, immobilizing disability, etc.) what arrangements have you made?

● If you move, what will you do with the doodle?

● Have you considered the ramifications of caring for a dog for his entire life, and that senior dogs may require changes in your lifestyle (frequent bathroom breaks, softer bedding, medications, ramps, etc.)? Please explain:

● What will you plan to do if the doodle's expenses exceed your expectations or become a financial burden (including hospitalization for illness, ongoing medications, surgeries, etc.):

● Why do you feel you would provide the best home for this doodle?

● Do you understand that an adoption fee between $250 -$395 will apply to all dogs?

● Is there anything additional you would like to tell us about yourself?

AGREEMENTS (Please Type “yes” or “no” next to or below each statement)

● I agree to provide adequate food, water and shelter for the doodle at all times.

● I agree to accept the doodle as my household pet and companion.

● I agree to provide adequate grooming.

● I agree to provide the doodle with a fenced yard if possible or to keep the doodle on a leash whenever outside the confines of a fenced yard.

● I agree to never keep the doodle chained while unattended.

● I agree to never leave the doodle outdoors when no one is home.

● I agree as the adopter to assume all veterinary costs including routine yearly exams, shots, and in particular, heartworm testing and preventative medication.

● I agree to provide immediate treatment for injury or illness of a serious nature.

● I agree to keep the doodle in my personal possession, and to never give away, abandon, sell or dispose of the doodle in any way. This includes release to family members.

● I agree to notify The Doodle Rescue Collective immediately if at any time I am no longer able to keep the doodle for any reason or to care for the doodle as specified here. Arrangements will be made to return the doodle to the DRC.

● I agree to notify The Doodle Rescue Collective immediately if the doodle is stolen or lost. I will make every effort to recover the doodle and to pay whatever redemption fee may be assessed should the doodle be impounded.

● I agree to never allow the doodle to be used for purposes of vivisection or experiment.

● I agree to never allow the doodle to be transported in the open bed of a pickup truck or similar vehicle.

● I agree to apply with all applicable laws relating to control and ownership of the doodle.

● I agree to obtain, within one month, the required licenses and a personal identification tag bearing my name and phone number and to keep it attached at all times to the doodle’s collar.

● If applicable, I agree to contact the micro-chip provider and keep records up to date at all times.

● I agree to allow The Doodle Rescue Collective (and/or its representative) to visit my home to assess the living situation to ensure that the conditions of the placement contract are being met, and that both the Adopter and Doodle are happy with the placement.

● I agree to answer any questions and provide any information that would enable The DRC to help me as the Adopter with any problems that may have developed.

● I agree to release the Doodle to the Doodle Rescue Collective if at any time The DRC finds that I have not complied with the terms of this contract or has been unable to provide adequate care for the Doodle.

● I agree to hold The Doodle Rescue Collective free from any and all liabilities arising once the dog is in my care.

● I agree to assume all responsibility for the defense of any action that may arise as a result of my ownership of the Doodle.

● I agree to keep all adoption specifics confidential.


Date _____________


Approved _________ Not Approved __________ Initials __________

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