If you live in North Carolina please just list your name and the state(s) and/or the distance in miles or hours you can drive.

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I live in Randleman, NC can drive 3-5 hours if needed.
I live in the northeast part of the state, so I live near the Va. stateline. On weekends I can drive 2 hrs in NC and Va.
Raleigh, NC

I can travel throughout NC and part of neighboring states if needed, as long as I can be home in time for school and work. Please contact me if anything is needed and I will be as flexible as possible.

Barbara Hart, depending on when transportation is needed, I can drive to 400 miles round trip from Salisbury, NC.

Sandra Williams, Charlotte NC 100+ miles
I live in Charlotte and would be willing to go anywhere within a 4 hour drive. That includes South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and West Virginia.
I live in Charlotte, NC and can drive at least 4 hours each way.
I live in Durham, NC and can drive around 2 hrs each way. It may be hit or miss with me due to work but I'm willing to help as needed!

HI, I live in the Charlotte area and would be available to drive within NC and neighboring states for give and take four hours. Name is Jill Winkler, North Carolina.


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