We are sad to report that MAGGIE- ADOPTED 2010 by Cindy & Andy Kowal in North Carolina, passed away unexpectedly this past week from a bowel obstruction.



"Jacquie, Its heartbreaking for Cindy and I to report that our little girl Maggie died this past week. She had bowel obstruction that perforated and in spite of emergency surgery to try to save her we lost her. We're devastated. She was a member of our family and my constant shadow. In the time that we had her she transformed from timid and sickly to a beautiful and affectionate member of our family. She loved attention to the extent that she was pushy. I already miss her sidling up to me while I'm working and nudging my hand until I scratched her ears. Our kids and poor Chance are inconsolable.

We remain indebted to you for allowing us to bring this curious little doodle girl to our family. We’ll hold on to her memory forever.



Maggie was rescued from a life of hell as a breeder dog in an Amish puppy mill in PA back in 2010. She was fostered and rehabbed by Janet Bandics and then Jo Donnelly until she was adopted by the Kowals.



Poor Maggie was terrified, completely unsocialized to humans, emaciated and very sick when she first arrived in foster care. Vets estimated her age to be 5.


They also told us it was evident that poor Maggie had lived her life in a cage standing on wire and had been mercilessly bred over and over again. She was so unresponsive when she was rescued, we wondered if she was deaf.



Little by little, we got Maggie healthy and more used to people. Cindy and Andy adopted her knowing that Maggie needed time, patience and plenty of love and TLC and that even then, there were no guarantees she would ever completely come out of her shell.





The Kowals did an incredible job with Maggie. She became a most loyal and loving companion to Cindy , Andy, their children and to their doodle Chance who ended up being Maggie's mentor, teacher and best friend. The two were inseparable.



Our heartfelt sympathies to the Kowal family for their tragic loss. Although her first 5 years on earth were filled with suffering and her time with us was far too brief, Maggie's last two years were filled with all the love, joy and happiness that every companion animal deserves.


Rest in peace beautiful girl.


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I'm so sorry for the Kowals. At least Maggie went to the Bridge knowing she was loved. Rest in peace, sweet girl.


  God of all creatures, ease our grief today as we bid farewell to Maggie, whose

passing leaves a gap in our family circle. She demanded so little of us – fresh

water, food, a patch of sunlight for sun-bathing, our presence – and gave so

much in return – uncritical, undemanding, unlimited affection and devotion for

all of us. 


  Greeting each day, each moment, happily on its own terms, she showed us how to

live in the present rather than regret the past or worry about the future.  Her

easy forgiveness of our flaws, her inability to hold a grudge, gave us an

example of grace. 


  Creator, we are grateful for being allowed to share her life for our allotted

time.  We will miss her bounding through our family life, but she will always be

present in our hearts. 




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