Hi! I am a (relatively) new group member and just want to be certain that I am following the correct DRC protocol for adoption. I have submitted my application and do come back to this page frequently, but I'm not sure if news or availability are posted here, on on FB or IG? I wish to be as reliable and responsible as I can in pursuing this adoption, as

it seems that many DRC members make the mistake of not checking in regularly. Could you share with me the best practices in terms of both abiding by the rules and keeping aware of potential availability?

Many thanks,

Nina Jaroslaw


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Hi Nina,
Since the beginning of the Covid quarantines almost a year ago, people have been adopting dogs at a record number. Not just doodles, but all kinds of dogs. It seems that people have decided that as long as they are home anyway, this would be a good time to get a dog. Shelters are near empty in some parts of the country, and the available dogs with private rescues are scarcer and scarcer, especially Poodle mixes and other breeds that are in high demand. Even breeders have long, long wait lists for puppies.
We are still getting dogs relinquished to us by their owners, but they are fewer than ever before. This is why you haven't seen any posted recently. There are so many approved adopters waiting for a match in their area, it hasn't been necessary to post available dogs, we have simply been contacting applicants in the dog's geographical area who seem to have what the particular dog is looking for in its new home. 
I would encourage you to send an email to our adoption director Kim with a brief note that you have an application on file, you are looking for whatever sex, size, age, type of doodle, whatever specifics you may have, (and the fewer of those you have, the better your chances of being matched with one of our dogs) ) your location, and ask to be kept in mind for any dogs who may come intothe program who might be a good match.
I do have a feeling that once life gets back to normal, there will be a surplus of available dogs for adoption, doodles included. It usually doesn't work out well when people buy puppies on an impulse, so unfortunately I think you will be seeing a lot of available dogs about a year from now. 

Thanks so much, Karen and Jackdoodle! I will go ahead and do what you suggest. Wishing you health and safety!

Thankyou Karen and Jackdoodle I was wondering the same things so you answered my questions too. I have my app on foile over a year and also check in regularly and wondered if perphaps I needed to do more? Thankyou you always seem to have the answer

. ME Gerber


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