We are so thrilled to have beautiful, sweet Leah as the newest member of our family and our very first Doodle-galore!!!! She is absolutely the gentlest, sweetest, smartest...well, you know, the accolades could go on forever. She is lying at my feet right now as I set up our Doodle blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for being there, for rescuing this beautiful animal, for allowing us the chance to give her a loving and safe home, and for all your support. I now understand the enthusiasm of Doodle owners. I LOVE THIS DOG!!!!


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Congratulations!  She is a beautiful girl.
Congratulations! Happy tails to you, Leah, and may you all live happily ever after!
Thanks!!! We are so happy! And from the kisses and tail wags, I think Leah is, too. I know she must miss her fantastic and loving foster mom, Doris Light. What a beautiful gift Doris gave to us all.
We're trying to contain our excitement. But it's not easy when we know we'll have Leah in our lives!
Congratulations... Doodles are the best in the world... Leah is a beautiful name for a beautiful Doodle...

OMD!!! I love these pics!  Leah looks so happy!! The picture of the three of you says it all!  I miss her like CRAZY, but she wasn't mine -- I was just taking care of her for you, Carol and Ian!  She knew all along that the perfect family was coming to get her!  I love her for allowing our paths to cross!

That lovely doodle smile.  She is happy with her new family. Enjoy.


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