We are the family that will be adopting Sully. We are very excited and can't wait! His foster dad sent us a great photo last night.

I'll update you all when he arrives. We are picking him up on 8/14 as we leave for an already scheduled vacation this week. 

I look forward to talking with you all!


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Congratulations, Alysen, and thank you for opening your home and your heart to sweet Sully! 

Thank you Karen! We are very excited.

Congratulations on being chosen for Sully.  Thank you for being open to an older guy!

We can't wait!!
Got the thunder shirt out and dusted off, ordered his new jingle free tag with our information and I'm sending a package to his foster dad tomorrow containing a blanket with our smells for Sully to start his transition to our home. We head out for vacation tomorrow and while we are looking forward to that we are still anticipating our pick up day the following week.

The blanket is a great idea! Enjoy your vacation. 

Great planning for Sully.  Enjoy your vacation.


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