Hi I just joined and am a little confused if I can submit my application immediately, even though there are no available rescues in my area? I completed the application and tried to submit it but got the message that I needed to name the dog that I was interested adopting.

I will continue to check PetFinder  and FB, but does this application also alert other sites to notify me when doodles are available? thank you, Pauline Young

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Hi Pauline, for the name of the dog, you can just enter anything generic. "best match", "any" etc. You just need to put something in that space.

Our application applies only to our rescue, Doodle Rescue Collective. Every rescue group has their own application and their own process, and applications are not shared. 

Thank you Karen I appreciate your help. Do you know of any other rescue groups specific to Doodles? Pauline

IDOG is the only other nationwide doodle specific rescue. There are regional organizations in Michigan and Texas. Most Poodle rescues also accept doodles. Many Golden Retriever rescues take goldendoodles, and the same with Lab rescues, and labradoodles, or any other of the parent breeds.
But regardless of which rescue you apply to, doodles in rescue are in very very very high demand, and there are dozens of applications submitted for every available dog. Your best bet is to keep yourself open in terms of breed/mix. Focus less on "doodle" and more on the individual dogs that may be available in your area. Lots of nice dogs out there who might be just what you are looking for, but aren't labelled with that silly and meaningless "doodle" moniker.

We keep applications on file and usually look at approved applications when new dogs come into the program. So with us, having an application on file helps your chances of adopting. Some rescues do not do this, you must submit a  new application every time a new dog is listed. 


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