How do you get alerts when a doodle in your area comes available?

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Unfortunately, you can't. You have to be proactive and keep watching the listings. If you have an approved application on file, our adoption coordinator will also keep you in mind for a dog who might be a good match in your area.

It is the same with any shelters in your area.  You have to check their sites yourself either on line or in person to see what dogs are available.

As Karen suggested, you should definitely complete the application and go through the approval process for adoption, fostering or both.  Then when a fit arises, the coordinator will reach out.  Many doodles never make it to the posting stage as they are matched with new - already approved - owner prior.

If this is true - then how do you search for those pups that "never make it to the posting stage?"

Read my previous comment - for a DRC doodle, you should complete the application and go through the approval process so that you are already approved if a doodle arises fitting your household!

Exactly. You must apply and be approved. The dogs who never make it to the posting stage go to people who have applied, been approved, and are waiting. 

I would search Petfinder every other day, using your zip code and "Standard Poodle" as the breed. (There are no "doodle" breed choices). Most rescues and shelters get bombarded with inquiries and applications when they have doodles available, and they get adopted pretty quickly, so you need to check several times a week. 

And many public shelters and small rescue groups don't have Petfinder accounts, so you may also want to familiarize yourself with the rescues and shelters in your area and check them regularly as well. Petfinder has a tool for searching for rescues by state.

Right, I was referring to doodles through DRC!


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