Hello! Just making sure I'm  not missing something...are there no available doodles for adoption at this time? Thanks!

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Hi Jeanne,
We do not have any dogs available for adoption at this time. That can change from week to week. But Covid has emptied many shelters and rescue groups as everyone and their brother decided that as long as they are home anyway, this would be a good time to get a dog. I expect that we will see a flood of dogs being given up once things return to normal, if they ever do. 
In the meantime, your best bet is to submit an application to be kept on file. WE typically receive as many as 200 application for a single dog, especially the smaller younger ones, and having an approved application on file will help get you considered. 

Thanks so much for your quick reply, Karen! I appreciate it! I've got my application in and now I wait :)

I have had an application on file for almost 3 years.

And have you followed our FB page and postings over the past three years and emailed our adoption director to ask to be considered for any of the dogs?

Yes I followed the Fb page until late 2018. I no longer have social media accounts however all my contact indormation is the same as on my application which I submitted in Nov. 2017. The information given to me was having an application on file opens up the lines of to munication with the adoption coordinator.
I heard from DRC only one time Asking if I'd help drive one of the legs of the journey to help a doodle get to their foster. ( I did volunteee on my application). That was the only time I heard from DRC. I was unaware that I was to follow up with the adoption coordinatot beyond filing the application.

Tracy, we have thousands of applications on file from people all over the U.S. 
It is not possible for a volunteer, or several volunteers for that matter, to memorize the name and location of every person in every state who has submitted an application, or communicate with all of them on a regular basis. How would that work exactly? 
"The information given to you" was that having an application on file would help if and when a suitable dog became available in your area. 
It is up to you to be proactive, follow the website and the FB page, and check in with the adoption director periodically. There is only one of her, there are thousands of people with applications on file. 

And in fact, it is untrue that the only time you heard from DRC was when you were asked to help with transport. 
Our adoption director contacted you in May 2018 asking if you were still looking to adopt. You didn't even notice her email or reply until a week later. 

You are correct.  I completely forgot about that email exchange with Kim some 30 months ago. My mistake. You are correct I did not see the E mail for 7 whole days. I even sent a follow up email 7 days after the initial response. I heard from Kim the following day on June 1st.  Thank you for reminding me of the e-mail and how busy everybody at  DRC is. Thank you.



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