Is this a typical number of dogs you have up for adoption?  There is only 6 listed and some already adopted.  We live in NJ and are looking to add a doodle to our home.


Maureen McCulloch

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Hi Maureen, at any given time there are usually several dogs in the program who are not yet listed. The dogs need to be evaluated before they can be listed, and then it takes some time for Petfinder to get the listings up. (It also takes time for them to take the "adopted" listings down). There are also usually several dogs waiting for foster homes to open up so that they can come into the program. However, our dogs are located throughout the U.S., and many would not be within driving distance of you. 

The demand for doodles in rescue is always much much greater than the number available, so you can have a long wait, especially if you have very specific requirements as to age, size, sex, color, etc. There are always dozens of good applications for each dog in the program,(for puppies, there can be more than 100)  and only one home can be chosen. The best (and really, the only) way to successfully adopt is to submit an application even if there is not currently a dog in the program who might be a good fit for you. That way, you have an approved application on file when you do see a possible good fit, and can act quickly to be among those considered. 


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