Lilly is cream-colored and when we got her in February her beard had no stains at all. Now, after 5 weeks, she's starting to stain underneath her chin. We are feeding Nutro Natural Choice. We bathed her last week and used a whitening shampoo but it didn't seem to make much difference. I want to feed her good food but I would be willing to change to another premium food if it would make a difference. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Karen & Lilly

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Simon is a cream ALD. His groomer told me NOT to use a whitening shampoo because they use peroxide in their formula which opens up the surface of the hair and makes it even more susceptible to staining. I have tried Chris Christensen White on White. It doesn't contain peroxide. It lightens the stain some, but you have to be careful not to get it in the dog's mouth.

If you want to check it out, their site is www.chrissystems.comSimon...still a little stain, but not bad. I feel my dogs Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream

He's  beautiful! Thank you for sharing his picture and for the info. I went on a dog food review website and Lilly's food is only a 3 star......maybe we will change just because. I appreciate the advise about the whitening shampoo with peroxide. Will do some more research. Her staining isn't bad, either, but it would be nice to lessen it.


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