Another success story of DRC.  Zev was a rehome and I was the lucky foster mom who got to have this big baby boy in our home.  He hadn't really been around other doodles much, so his first few days with my doodles was difficult. He tried to bite them instead of play with them, but after a few days of  my doodles ignoring him or biting him back he got with the program on how doodle's play.

Zev was adopted by a wonderful couple from GA, who drove for 2 days to come and get him. It was instant love by Bob and Tina and Zev and his new sister Ellie became instant friends.  The funny thing was we were afraid that Ellie ( being smaller, scared and another rescue from a puppy mill) would be the one that would need to be defended by the humans against Zev. However, Ellie ran and ran and Zev couldn't keep up with her!  They began to play together and we could see that they brought out the best in each other!!

Bob wrote this to me a few days after arriving home in GA.

"It has been a fun 36 hours since we met .

Zev and Ellie are getting along absolutely great. Actually, Zev is now Odin. I kinda liked the idea of Odie and Ellie, plus I sorta stole Odin from Obie( I liked that name too) I figured that Odin was fitting since I am of part Scandinavian decent (actually a mixed breed myself with Swedish,French,Polish, and Austrian. The Swedish and French part sealed the deal). Plus, I always wanted to have a dog named Odin but never quite had one that the name fit (not that the name actually fits Zen, but that name didn't exactly fit him either....).Odin is a pretty regal dog, I think...

Interestingly, Ellie now humps Odin.She is presently the alpha(I never would have believed that in a million years) She is usuallythe instigator in "doodle romp". She hides and waits for him to walk by, then pounces on him. Its kinda like getting "bushwacked by a dustmop'. They are having great fun at the expense of my house(and/or yard). It is SOOOO much fun to watch.

Odin has already become a local spokesman for the collective, as he draws a crowd wherever he goes , and people(mostly women) ogle him and want to love on him (which he gladly accepts with a wagging tail). The conversation always turns to "where can I get one", and my response is the Doodle Rescue Collective. Pretty darn good for 1 day, and 1 petsmart.I can't wait to see what he can drum up at "Woofstock", our local "Woodstock" gathering for dogs in our Suwanee Town Park. Its a Carnival for K9's and its this weekend. And of course the "dustmop" and the Mythalogical one will be there.

Anyway, thank you for being so helpful to my new little boy. You are truly a blessed person to help these little ones who cannot help themselves. I'm sure we will have many joyous years with our doodles (well, once we renovate the house in a few years).Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

So Zev is no Odin and loving life.

Thanks to all who helped me with Zev- Kim ( for handling all the applications), Jac and Jeanine who give great counsel on who should be the best home for Zev, my daughters Natalya and Deanna who bath and help me groom the dogs, Colleen who gave me great advice on how to handle his bad behavior with a squirt bottle of water.  DRC is a great organizaton and saving lives of dogs who need a furever home. 

Best to you Bob and Tina and Odin and Ellie!

Just have to include pics of my own doodle romp with Zev (Odin) and Ellie and my three!!!!  Look who is leading the pack- Ellie!

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Diane, thank you so much for taking such good care of Zev/Odin and helping him find his forever home. It's clear he's where he belongs!

Happy Tails to you, Odin, may you live happily ever after with your wonderful new family!

Thank you for taking such good care of Odin. Congratulations to bob and Tina.  May you enjoy many happy doodle memories.


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