Ok, now for a long overdue story.  As Winston’s foster mother “Deborah” mentioned a couple posts ago we adopted a furry, short and very hard to understand family member, but we are totally ok with that! From the first day we met him; Winston
felt like he’s always been a part of this family. He listens well, is patient
& loving with our 18 month old son and seems to exude overwhelming people
skills no matter where we go.

From the start it was clear that this dog just LOVED being with people. No matter what we are doing or where we are going, car rides, sleeping under your feet, trying to sleep with you in bed or on the sofa “ I
guess “SLEEPING” being the key word here”, he wanted to be a part of it. 

He haven’t the heart to tell him he’s a medium sized dog, because Winston guards his family from squirrels, his shadow and reflection in the mirror as if were a Rottweiler. However, we quickly had to teach him he
didn’t have to be the big guy on the block at the dog park and play time has
been peaceful ever since.  It’s still
cute to see him sit and greet every dog at the gate and once he let’s go and
becomes one with the pack, he runs and runs with his tongue hanging out of one
side of his mouth, his glowing white coat makes him stand out “they call him
the clean dog” at the dog park, and a little smirk caused my his upper lip
getting caught on his bottom tooth.

I can’t explain it, and I guess only those who feel like I feel will understand that; I love my son and my husband more than I can express, but knowing that Winston is here, beside me, connecting with me in
spirit, I feel more at ease, more grounded, more connected with myself and the
present moment.

I guess we both rescued each other. 

Another blessing to be truly thankful for!

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Fantastic story! Congratulations!! And absolutely beautiful photos...Winston looks like he always belonged there!!
LeAnne, your "Happy Tail" brings tears to my eyes. You're right, only "dog people" would understand your last paragraph. And Winston is very lucky to have you as his mom. Thank you.
LeAnne: Thank you!! Thank you!! for the posting and for being there for Winston. We both knew it was a fit the minute he came to your house. I'm so happy that it is really working out and that you've over come his "big dog" mentality. Nothing should stand in the way of his being the best dog he can. Can't wait to get together for a dog park romp. Give a big kiss from to PK and Winston. Love you guys!!!
I love the photos that have both Winston and your son. What precious memories.
What beautiful photos! I'm late reading your story but must comment. Our Happy Tails stories prove that I made the right decision by choosing Scottie (Fitz) and leaving Winston for his perfect family. Fitz needed another dog to help him get through all his fears. And obviously Winston needed a little boy.


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