Sweet Teddy has found his way to his perfect forever home.  His new mom and dad picked him up yesterday, ready to start their new life together.  I wish for them all the joy and happiness that Teddy has shared with me these last five weeks.  I'm going to miss this "Teddy Bear" a lot!


His new mom, Betty Sue, writes, “Teddy got up this morning and joined Paul on a walk.  He waited patiently until Paul put on his jacket and he knew it was time to go outside.  After breakfast and a rest I combed him.  He was very good.  We seem to be off to a great start.”


She sent me this photo of Teddy in his new home:



I hope we can all meet up at a doodle-romp sometime soon!

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Aw, Teddy boy, I'm so glad you found your forever home! May you live happily ever after with your new family!

Bridget, thanks for all you did for Teddy! You're the best!

Yay Teddy!..Awesome job Bridget!..THANK YOU!
Teddy is giving his new mom a look of adoration already!  Thank you for taking such good care of Teddy.
Thanks for taking care of Teddy.
Bridget - what a wonderful 'job' you did with Teddy!! You can tell by the way he looks at his DM that he is happy!
I fell in love with him too so I can imagine how hard it was for you to give him up.  I hope we all can meet up at a romp also.
Congrats to Teddy and family!  And to DRC for finding another great home for another great doodle.
I am so happy for Teddy and his new home!  He is one of those "so adorable" little doods - just like Pippin!  I kept teasing my daughter that he was nearby, but they rent and can't have a dog.  I think this turned out great - you will all have such fun together!  I'm thrilled for all of you.  Happy Todays and Tomorrows to all of you!


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