DH finally got home last night and it had been almost 2 weeks since we had seen him.  The doods went crazy - all tail wagging and bringing him their toys as a welcome.  I had warned dh that Stuart had totally matured from a puppy look and that he no longer even slept on our bed.  So this morning on our 3 mile jaunt through the neighborhood and marsh - dh says "Stuart looks like a real rag a muffin".  Really?  I think he is adorable there mister so watch it, that is like saying my baby is ugly, he was teasing of course.  Just at that moment, up ahead comes two men riding bikes past us and as the cruise bye the one guy yells out - "hey Stuart - how ya doing buddy."  Dh looks at me with a quizzical look and asks me who that was - I tell him that so many people have stopped me while I'm out walking Stuart and Rooney that I simply have no idea who the man is.  We continue on a ways and here comes a lady with her Portuguese Water Dog - Lulu - who stops to say hello - to Stuart!  Poor Rooney is a bit ignored in all of this but dh is now looking at me with wonder in his eyes - how does this lady know Stuart?  She gushes on and on about how much personality Stuart has and that at a dinner at someone's house the topic was "have you seen Stuart?" - lol.  Finally on the last leg of our walk - yep - once again a couple walked past saying "hello Stuart"!!!!  I very smugly turn to dh and tell him that Stuart has his very own fan club - didn't he know?  In little Rooney's behalf, lots of people think he's cute too but darling, from the wrong side of the tracks, Stuart is so adorably goofy looking that people are just drawn to him.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of how lucky we all were to be able to adopt Stuart.  I believe that part of the reason people are drawn to him is that I ALWAYS explain that he was a rescue and how we came to have him, trying to put a tiny thought in their minds that rescue can be awesome!  So now there really is a Stuart fan club - dh, Rooney and I - we are the charter members. (Stuart was born in a puppy mill around 4/5/2011.  We adopted Stuart in June, he is almost 8 months old)


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I'm a member of Stuart's Fan Club, too...the Long Distance Chapter! How could anyone resist that face?

Jane, this is so totally true of our rescues.  Clancy is noticed and admired and talked to everywhere we go.  People cannot understand that he was in a kill shelter, abandoned to die.....   Ned is a cutie, but like Rooney, they exude an entitlement to be loved, and a self-confidence, that is quieter and not as in-your-face noticeable as our rescued boys.

Stuart has a fan club branch in southern California!

That's so great! I want to be in the fan club, too. But I need a 2 for 1 deal, because I'm a big Rooney fan, too.


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