Lola arrived at her new home on Friday to find flags and streamers welcoming her.  While her new mom was anxiously waiting in the driveway and Dad was trying to appear calm while he waited excitedly in the house.  After a quick hello Lola was off to explore the yard again - in case someone left a toy that she didn't find when we visited a week before.  Sure enough, there were new toys and her new mom and dad were happy to play with her.


Her new mom reports she is adjusting well and even likes the grand-doodles.  (Although she has a thing or two to teach them about retrieving a ball - they just don't know the proper way to return it.  Lola is a pro at that and will happily demonstrate until they get it.


(pictures coming soon. they aren't uploading this morning for some reason)



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Sounds like Lola is one happy doodle.  Thanks for taking care of her.

Congratulations, Lola! May you live happily ever after with your new family!

Kim thanks so much for taking care of her while she waited for her forever home!


Yay Kim I'm so happy for you and Lola! Can't wait to see pics!

Yay for Lola and her new family!
Yay Lola!


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