Chloe has found her forever home with Sandy L.  It was love at first sight, and the two have been best friends from day one!  The day she went home, she "checked out every room, drank water from the dish in the kitchen, played with her new toy and went into her crate to sit a minute and didn't come out until I ask her to".  Chloe is frisky if you play with her but othewise just lays down next to her new mom.

Sandy wrote to me the first night "My heart is swollen with love."   Sandy hopes to enroll Chloe in a basic obedience class soon, and begin working on socializing her with strangers and with other dogs.

These two are made for each other!     

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Another perfect match...sweet!
Look at her face  - such sadness, such hope.  She just wants to love and please and wants someone to love her forever. Clancy had that same look when we got him, but I only really noticed it when I look back at his pictures and now that it is gone.
This makes my heart sing!
Congratulations to Chloe and Sandy! May you both live happily ever after!


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