Camus (ka-MOO), once known as TX-Woody, is Home and we are both very happy.

 Introducing California Camus a bundle of energy and joy. 


He is smart and mischievous, which means home is very 'puppy-proofed' and Camus-friendly.  He is also rather innovative!  What does a dog do if he has no place to bury his favorite bone, or for Camus, his favorite toy?  Bury it in a planter, of course! 


His 'sit' has a bit of a wiggle to it, as does 'lay down', but who could expect more in a mere two weeks?


He loves to run and, of course, play.  At the Doodle Day Romp in Encinitas he had a chance to meet and greet fellow doodles, although he was a bit overwhelmed at times.




And then, sometimes not!

Camus and Clancy


Camus is a gift that brings a smile to my face every morning.





And, every day!



Thank you Karen, Jacquie and Liz (and Nietzsche).



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These pictures are fantastic! Congratulations on adopting Camus!!!
Camus, you are one lucky, adorable doodle! Christine, congratulations, Camus certainly looks like he's appreciative of his wonderful new home!
Oh my goodness, he's one happy Doodle. Thank you...the pictures are wonderful.
What a happy family!!! I am thrilled for all of you!!!!
Oh Christine, these pictures of Camus are wonderful. I especially love the ones of him with the comforter. He is such a sweet guy. Ned and Clancy enjoyed meeting him and hope to see him again soon.
Congratulations! And I just love the pic where he's peeking out from the comforter.
Thank you all! But I must let everyone know that credit for the wonderful photos at the the Doodle Day Romp goes to Nancy of Nancy, Ned & Clancy. Thank you Nancy and another get together would be wonderful.
Christine he looks so happy!.....How are things going?
I LOVE those pictures! He looks so cute under the wooden deck being shy and then coming out to play with Clancy. That duvet looks just scrumptious as a background for him! The thought of him hiding his bone in a flower pot cracks me up!


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